Four Seasons Spa Director Says Incorporating Wellness into Business Travels is Both Possible and Beneficial


Despite the uptick of wellness travel, 39 million Americans say that they are skipping travel, especially if the trip is not fully dedicated to wellness, according to a recent survey conducted by Bankrate.

This presents an unfortunate reality for business travelers, who will invariably not be able to harness the benefits of travel.

As it turns out, professionals do not need dedicated wellness travel to incorporate elements of wellness into boosting their personal well being.

Four Seasons Spa Director Speaks About Achieving Wellness in Business Travel and How To Be Obtained:


Wellness is not something that can only be obtained through a wellness centered vacation. Business trips and other forms of travel are perfect opportunities to test out new wellness practices, according to Tara Cruz, Spa Director at Four Seasons Hotel in New York City.

Cruz affirms that stressing out, not drinking enough water, not moving, and not eating are common occurrences while traveling for business. All of these occurrences, however, are prime opportunities to prioritize wellness.

Cruz suggests making use of apps like Headspace. The app connects travelers with meditation sessions to fight off stress. She also suggests carving out some time to pause business concerns. Simply enjoying new spaces or specific locations can promote a sense of calm as well.

How To Battle Travel Stress:

One in four Americans feel that something may go wrong during their travels, according to a recent study by OnePoll. This stress is detrimental toward perceived wellness during both business or regular travel, which is why 38% of American travelers buy travel insurance.

Insurance can protect travelers from health emergencies, and it may also protect against travel delays that can be beyond their control.

Qantas health, a popular insurance option, is one option for helping travelers cut down on tedious paperwork when facing a travel issue. Proactive planning can therefore help to promote balance and stave off stressful situations.

The Need for Wellness Tourism:

Wellness tourism is growing at a steady 7.5% annual rate, based on the data by the Global Wellness Institute. Clearly, people are clamoring to secure a better sense of wellbeing for themselves.

Entrepreneurs and business owners that make an effort to incorporate wellness factors into their travels report a 66% increase in their productivity, as reported by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

There are clear benefits to pursuing wellness and including small yet helpful methods when traveling. It will simply be up to the traveler to choose how they incorporate wellness in their journeys.

Business and Wellness Can Go Together Nicely:

In an increasingly stressful world, it is important to find ways to secure better overall personal balance.

With more travelers swearing by the benefits they enjoy in pursuit of wellness, it is not surprising that the annual growth rate of wellness tourism continues to swell.

For now, there is no harm in trying to incorporate wellness methods into one’s generic and business travel.