5 ‘Negative’ Emotions That Are Actually Positive Messages By Your Soul


If you learn how to speak The Language Of Emotions you will find the map to your purpose, dreams and fulfillment.

The world is full of many different languages, you probably know couple of different ones. We all know one language unconsciously, body language.

But when it comes to the most basic language, the one that can give us the map of life and fulfillment, we’re all illiterate.

Who knows how to speak feelings? Who knows how to understand emotions? Almost nobody. We don’t even know that such language exists.

We don’t know our emotions are sentences in The Language of Emotions. Instead of understanding their messages we use emotional energy to react.

And we label emotions as negative, the ones we don’t desire, and positive, ones we desire. But negative emotions share powerful messages.

5 ‘Negative’ Emotions That Have Positive Messages:


1. Fear is a message for Freedom.

Probably one of the most infamous emotions, fear is being avoided at any cost, and that’s literally at any cost.

People spend their whole lives running away from fear as if being chased by a phantom. But this avoidance costs them their happiness.

In reality fear is not as monstrous as we make it be. It’s just an emotion, a messenger that shares a powerful message your soul wants you to know.

This message is about freedom. Fear tells us the direction of our freedom, it shows us the chains we are chained by and the fences of our comfort zone.

Some fear is rational, it’s based on real danger, but most of the fear we feel is irrational, it’s based on illusions that we let ourselves be enslaved by.

2. Anger is a message for Healing.

People who are in a constant state of anger, people who are easily triggered and get upset for small things, they have open emotional wounds within.

These people will often react disproportionate to reality. For them it might seem as a normal reaction, but for others it’s overreacting.

It’s because the trigger pokes at a deeper wound within them, one that has nothing to do with the triggering situation.

And anger is a messenger exactly for this wound, it shows the individual that there is a vulnerable place within them they try to protect.

This emotional wound, this vulnerable place is in need of attention and healing. Anger will lead you directly to it if you start questioning it.

3. Loneliness is a message for Connection.

You can be the loneliest person in the whole world even if you are surrounded by hundreds of so called friends.

Loneliness is big in these modern times. Even though technology has connected us more than ever, it has distracted us from our own selves.

The more time we get distracted and scatter our attention away from our own selves, the more disconnected we become.

The more disconnected we become the more lonely we feel. Makes sense? You cannot connect with others if you cannot see aspect of you in them.

Loneliness is a messenger that tells us we need to spend more time with ourselves, to reconnect with our selves, to rediscover who we are.

4. Depression is a message for Purpose.

Just like there are ebbs and flows everywhere in Nature, there are ebbs and flows in our mood as well.

Sometimes we feel happy, excited, extroverted. Other times we feel sad, depressed, introverted. And that’s normal. It happens to anyone.

However, modern society has labeled the slight depressive episodes we all feel as something wrong, and most of us try to avoid them or pretend.

That’s where real depression disorders can occur, when we don’t use depression for what it is meant. Depressive episodes mean introspection.

They are messengers that tell you to think about your purpose, to find what excites you again, to change, evolve your character, to rediscover wonder.

5. Stress is a message for Action.

Modern society functions on coffee and stress. It has become a normal thing to feel stressed. And stress, in small and meaningful doses can be beneficial.

Stress in itself is neither good nor bad, it’s our inability and ignorance to deal with stress that makes it unhealthy. We stress about too many things.

And not just that we stress, but we don’t have a healthy outlets for the stress that we accumulate. We fill up with stress, and we let it just fade away.

But that’s not how stress works. Stress is a messenger for action. It tells us that we need to take action. Stressing over something prolongs action.

Prolonging pending action creates more worry and more stress. So, when it comes to stress, you either put less things on your plate, or take action.

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