Here Is The One Healthy Thing That We Learned This April 2019 You Should Know


As technology progresses our lives become more and more comfortable. We are becoming so comfortable that in some cases it’s even unhealthy.

We are human beings, we were created and we have evolved to be active, to move and be agile, to hunt or gather our food.

But today you can have whatever you want sitting at home. You can order food, accessories, whole spectrum of entertainment with a push of a button.

You don’t walk to work, you sit driving your car, or you sit in a metro, you sit at work, you sit at home, you sit most of your life.

That’s why one of the healthiest activities you can implement in your life is to start walking more. Feel tired, stressed, anxious? Take a literal walk.

The One Healthy Thing For This Month: Take a walk.


Walking is one of the first things we learn as humans. But it’s often underestimated. We overlook its beneficial potential for our health.

There are countless health benefits of walking. From increasing cardiovascular health to reducing the risk of stroke, walking helps in all.

It aids and prevents high blood pressure, it increases bone mass and muscle strength. That’s just physical health. Walking also helps with mental health.

Walking reduces stress and decreases anxiety. It is really beneficial for cases of depression as it stimulates the body to create happy chemicals.

Walking boosts our mood and increases the feelings of relaxation. Just a 15 to 45 minute daily walks can give tremendous benefits to your health.