This Metaphorical Short Story Will Show You The Way To Become Superhuman


There once was a chosen one. A person with superhuman potential unlike nothing anyone has ever seen.

But there was a darkness, it couldn’t let something so powerful come to be. So it tried to make the chosen one weak.

It made the chosen one doubt itself and its potential. It confused the chosen one, told lies and created illusions to make the chosen one scared.

The darkness used this opportunity to make the chosen one into two beings, a scared child holding the treasure with its potential inside, and a hero.

The hero was left far away, alone, in a constant craving to fill a void. The hero would be courageous without having a real potential.


The darkness wanted the hero to fight and to try and save others just so it will be distracted enough not to find the child.

The darkness imprisoned the child. The child was kept at the center of a labyrinth where the hero wouldn’t find it.

Neither the hero nor the child would be aware that the other one exists. That was the plan of the darkness.

However, there was a light. This light saw the potential of the chosen one and it wanted for the chosen one to evolve into superhuman.

So it intervened. Because it was unable to reach the child, it showed up to the hero. It showed up in three forms.

The first form was someone the hero would love. The hero fell in love and fought for this person. The hero fought for the love it felt.

However, as the hero fought the light would move this love away from it. The light was leading the hero towards the prison of the child.

In this first form, the light broke the hero’s heart. But this was needed as the hero needed his heart broken to see better.

The second form was someone that would rob the hero of its weapons. The light showed as a thief and stole the hero’s weapons.

The hero woke up and started chasing after the thief, but the thief was fast enough to lead the hero closer to where the child was imprisoned.

The hero needed to leave its old ways behind, to stop fighting for everyone and to stop being distracted by its emotions, the light knew this.

The third form was something the hero would follow. After the heart of the hero was broken, and its weapons stolen, the hero needed a purpose.

So the light showed up as might warrior, someone the hero would idolize. This might warrior gave the hero a quest, a purpose to follow.

The hero would follow this purpose without questioning it, as it was something to keep its mind away from the pain of a broken heart.

However, the reason why the light gave the hero a purpose is to lead him closer to the child. So when the hero was close enough, the purpose faded.

The hero was left alone, lost, confused unlike ever before. But this was needed so the hero can find its real purpose.

And when the hero looked around, with its heart broken, without its weapons and a purpose to follow, there it was, the labyrinth.

So without having anywhere else to go, the hero went into the labyrinth. But this labyrinth was designed with many traps and tricks.

The darkness knew the hero might come here so it was prepared. When the hero was inside the labyrinth would show up as the hero’s desires.

As the hero roamed inside it was able to sense the lost part of himself, the imprisoned child. However, the labyrinth started misleading the hero.

It projected an illusion of the person that broke the hero’s heart so the hero would chase after this illusion and be led to a wrong way.

It projected another illusion, a shiny armor and powerful weapons just like the ones that were stolen from the hero.

And finally, it projected a piece of paper with the quest that the faded away. It projected a step by step guide of how the hero could complete this quest.

And there was the hero, standing between the three desires the light showed, the three things it always wanted that led here.

However, there was something subtle, an intuitive sensation that was slightly pulling the hero towards the center of the labyrinth.

And the hero stood there, whether it would go toward the three desired illusions, or the intuitive pull toward the center of the labyrinth.

The hero needed to decide, and the light had faith that the hero would do the right thing, after all, it was the hero’s journey to wholeness.

There was one thing that the darkness and the light couldn’t predict, and that was what the hero would choose.

And the darkness didn’t know how the hero felt when it was hurt, weaponless and alone in front of the labyrinth.

In fact, that was the thing the light wanted the hero to give, freedom. To be in a position where it would see the shallowness of its desires.

And the hero did. It looked at the three illusions, but it saw through them. It saw they did not lead to the place the hero actually wanted to go.

So the hero chose to follow its intuitive pull toward the center of the labyrinth. The closer it got the greater illusions the darkness projected.

But the hero already gave up on the three things it wanted the most, so it was unfazed. It kept moving.

It kept moving and finally, it reached the center of the labyrinth. And there it was, the scared child, holding its treasure.

The hero approached the child. The child looked at the hero. The hero lifted up the child and let it stand up.

The darkness was mad. It came down into a form of a scary dragon. The light wanted to intervene and it appeared in a form of a sword.

And as the hero tried to lift the sword to stab the dragon, the child stopped it. The child didn’t saw the darkness as scary anymore, nor a threat.

The child started approaching the darkness, the scary dragon. Th hero wanted to intervene but it had a strange faith in the child.

The dragon was mad, it wanted to attack the child, but as it wanted to swing its big hand the darkness saw something in the child, something in its eyes.

It was a look the darkness hasn’t seen before, a look of kindness and love. The dragon was stunned. The child fearlessly approached the dragon.

The child hugged the dragon and it started fading. Strangely, the sword started fading too. In just moments, the darkness and the light stood there.

They stood in their real form, the darkness was a child, and the light was a hero, characters lost from another story, a story that was just transcended.

The child and the hero of this story reunited into one being, the chosen one. The darkness and the light looked at this divine wholeness.

They were too merged together, and they became a divine key, a key that was able to open the treasure that the chosen one had.

The treasure held the chosen one’s potential that would transform the chosen one into a superhuman.

And the chosen one opened the treasure and transformed into the superhuman he was meant to become.