April 2019 Rant From The Heart: Lean forward!


We are all addicted. Not to a substance of any kind. No. To something much more tricky. We are all addicted to comfort.


It’s so deceiving that we trade our liveliness and joy for a little more comfort. And this craving gets just bigger the more comfort we have.

This comfort we seek is rarely physical. in fact, in most cases we even trade physical comfort for the one we seek, and that is a psychological comfort.

We seek more security, more knowledge, more wealth, more unnecessary items just so we can have a little more of this psychological comfort.

And the more comfort we have the thicker the walls of our mental prison. The more comfort we have the smaller our comfort zone is. We fail to see.

You need discomfort!

We are so addicted to our comfort that we don’t realize the value of discomfort in our lives.

We don’t realize that discomfort is needed in order to grow, to evolve, to move forward. It’s not about removing discomfort is about embracing it.

We hide in our comfort zone and project monsters outside of it. This is just a trick our mind plays on us so we keep being addicted.

It’s because for our mind we have everything we need in our comfort zone. It cannot realize how much our heart and liveliness get affected by this.

That’s why you need to be courageous enough to go past the illusions, to leave your comfort zone, and to save yourself.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Even though it’s uncomfortable you must realize that the comfort you seek is just an illusion, it doesn’t exist.

Don’t you think you would have found it by now if it existed, don’t you think at least someone would have found it? No one does because it doesn’t exist.

You seek safety, security and unconditional comfort in a world where things live, evolve and thrive in midst of unknown, uncertainty and discomfort.

Outside of your comfort zone is where you are your best self!

That’s where magic happens, that’s where you find yourself, that’s where your full potential is unleashed, that’s where you feel most alive.

No comfort is worth this. And this doesn’t mean to avoid comfort either. It’s not about comfort or discomfort.

It’s about finding a good enough reason to be discomfortable for. And comfort is there, but it’s not a place to stay long in.

Find a reason that’s beyond comfort and discomfort!

And when you find one, you will still need to take action. And things might go against you, things might scare you, overwhelm you.

But whenever things start being hard, whenever things start to look overwhelming, do not retreat, push forward.

That’s when real transformation happens. That’s when you prove your mind wrong. That’s when muscles grow!

Just push forward if things start to push you back to your prison!

If things try to scare you, show your teeth and scare them back. Push forward even harder.

If things try to push you back, lean forward!

No matter what the mind says to convince you to stay imprisoned in your comfort zone, remind yourself that it’s just an illusion.

Push forward!

Get out of your prison!

Get out of your comfort zone!

Give yourself a chance to become the best version of yourself!

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