The 10 Biggest Signs Someone Likes You


There are people who like you and you don’t even have a clue they know you.

No matter who you ask, everyone will do almost anything to have a detector showing them who likes them. In this article we’ll give you such detector.

It’s not some magical device, but rather a piece of knowledge that will reveal to you whenever someone is interested in you.

Most of us think we are unliked and unloved while there might be people in our social circle that secretly like us and are afraid to tell us.

You know you liked someone and you didn’t tell them, so do not judge them, we are all cowards at certain moments. Instead, use this knowledge.

Knowledge is power, you can use these 10 biggest signs to detect when someone likes you. If you like them back, make things simpler, tell them.

10 Biggest Signs Someone Likes You:


1. They listen to you with full attention whenever you speak about something, even if the topic is unrelated to the conversation.

2. When they look at you, they will either keep their eyes locked on yours or they will glimpse at your mouth.

3. Their pupils will dilate whenever they are with you as pupils tend to expand whenever we are looking at things we love.

4. No matter how stupid and unfunny your jokes are they will try to laugh at them.

5. If you call them to hang out they will make sure they are free most of the time, they will prioritize hanging out with you.

6. When you are together they will unconsciously be more physical than other people, they will touch you by the shoulder as they speak.

7. They might try to tease you and act as if they make fun of you, but as soon as you show no interest they will try to make up for it.

8. Whenever you have an argument with someone they will often take your side no matter if you are right or wrong.

9. Whenever they spend time with you they will radiate with happiness, you will be able to sense this in their energy.

10. They will use words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ more often than usual, they will try to speak as if you are in a relationship.