If You Want The Quickest Way To Feel Happier You Should Stop Doing At Least 2 Of These 5 Things


The way to real happiness is much quicker than most people think.

Every single human on the planet wants a quick fix to happiness. And there is a whole industry dedicated to selling you the secret technique.

The truth is there is no secret technique, no shortcut to real and everlasting happiness. However, the way to real happiness is not as long as you think.

Majority of the world thinks that they need to have a good job, a big house, a beautiful partner in order to feel happy.

But that’s the longer way, and it does not lead to real happiness, but to a plastic one, empty inside. In fact, the way to real happiness is much quicker.

We can write a whole book about this topic, but if you want to know the quickest way to happiness than stop doing at least 2 of these 5 things.

If You Want To Feel Happier Stop Doing These 5 Things:


1. Stop listening to negative music.

What is negative music you might ask. Well, any music that brings you down and puts you into a victimhood mentality. Be aware when you listen to the radio and avoid such music.

2. Stop watching the news.

The news, just like most things on TV, are a show. They compete with other news shows for your attention. The easiest way to capture attention is with negative information.

3. Stop eating processed food.

One of the biggest reasons someone might feel lethargic is the food they eat. Processed, fast food is not really healthy for you. The healthier you eat the happier you are.

4. Stop gossiping.

Just like processed food, gossiping is an unhealthy food for the human spirit. It’s a fast conversation topic, but one that creates a mindset that does not allow real happiness.

5. Stop looking for approval from others.

Majority of the world lives with intent to impress other people. They live for approval. This prevents you from doing what you really love doing, from living and being happy.