The 3 Things Most Of Us Mistake About Guilt And Real Forgiveness


Each emotion shows you a powerful lesson.

The world seems to have separated two groups of emotions, positive and negative. Guilt seems to fit in the second group, but that’s not the truth.

The state of guilt is what’s bad. It’s ok to feel guilty until you can see the lesson and possible actions you can take. But not longer than that.

You see, each emotion tells you a powerful message, it shares an important lesson, but we are all illiterate when it comes to the emotional language.

We have no idea what emotions tell us, what’s their purpose, so we end up being reactive to their charge.

But each emotion screams the most important lessons to you. Guilt as an example, tells you how to be the best version of yourself.

3 Things Most Of Us Mistake About Guilt And Forgiveness:


1. Guilt is an emotion that helps you learn.

It seems like the world has given the emotion of guilt a negative label. However, the emotion of guilt is not negative. In fact, it’s really helpful.

Guilt shows us what is against our code of honor, where we did a mistake, so we can know where to work on.

The emotion of guilt help us know what we should better in our actions or character so we can know how to be more congruent to our best version.

2. Real forgiveness is more about freeing yourself.

When we blame other people and hold resentment, we think that somehow we are punishing the other person. that’s a BIG lie.

When you blame someone else, when you hold resentment, it’s you who is getting hurt, it’s you who is drinking that emotional poison.

Forgiving others is an act of release, it’s freeing ourselves from them. it’s more about you than them. However, do not forget the lesson.

3. If you can do something make sure it’s the right action.

The biggest mistake of people who learn that forgiveness is freeing is using this as an excuse not to take action, or taking the wrong action.

These emotions show you what doesn’t resonate with your code of honor, but if the action you take makes things worse, than do not take it.

It’s not just about you. Do not hurt others so you can feel relieved. Feeling guilt and resentment isn’t bad, as long as you learn the lessons they show.