5 Ways How To Have The Right ‘Heartset’ In Life


Sometimes, the right Heartset in life is more important than the right Mindset, Toolset or Skillset.

You’ve heard the word mindset thousand times. Most success coaches use this word in every speech. But ‘Heartset’ is what it all comes down to.

Yes, having the right mindset is important, but it will not give you everlasting happiness. That’s because Heartset determines your happiness.

No matter how successful you are, no matter what you have in life, if you don’t have a good Heartset you will not be able to find happiness.

You might get temporary happiness as a result of momentary activity or achievement, but not everlasting happiness and inner fulfillment.

The famous author Robin Sharma has created the word ‘Heartset’ to explain this missing piece of the puzzle. This article speaks all you need to know.

What Is A Heartset?

If I tell you to go and spend a whole day doing the most fun activity you can possibly think of, how would you feel?

Now, if I tell you to do something you fear doing, something outside of your comfort zone, but it’s necessary to make your life much happier, how would you feel?

In all probability, you will be excited and motivated to do the thing in the first example, and you would do everything in your power to avoid doing the thing in the second example.

That’s exactly what a Heartset is. Your Heartset determines the different arousal of feelings in different scenarios, what kind of emotions arise in different situations.

That’s why your Heartset is especially important when it comes to happiness in life, success and performance. Mindset is just one side of the puzzle and Heartset is the other.

What’s The Difference Between a Mindset And a Heartset?

Mindset determines the thought patterns and paradigms of thinking in different situations, it is the structure of the mental realm.

Heartset determines the emotional patterns and feelings that arise in different situations, it is the structure of the emotional realm.

If the Mindset is responsible for the way we use our thoughts our Heartset is responsible for the way we use our emotions in different situations.

If the Mindset is the way we think about the things that affect us our Heartset is the way we feel about the things that affect us.

Having the right Mindset means to approach things with the right mental artillery. Having the right Heartset means to feel the right feelings.

This Is A Right Heartset:

So what is a right Heartset? Let’s say the right Mindset for starting a business is that things will not be easy, but there is always a way to solve problems and create my business.

The right Heartset in this scenario would be to feel motivation when things get more challenging rather than resistance, to feel happy for progress rather than overwhelm.

You see, you can have the right Mindset all you want, but unless you have the right Heartset you’ll avoid taking the necessary action to create your business, for example.

Having the right Mindset is important, but nobody speaks about how important having the right Heartset is. And it is as much, or maybe even more important than Mindset.

The formula for the right Heartset is to feel, in any situation, the things that are beneficial for you, your happiness, your life, your progress, your success and growth as a person.

5 Ways To Have The Right Heartset In Life:


1. Release the resistance around discomfort.

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable, but most of the things that make you grow are. So accept discomfort as part of life. It’s ok to feel it and still do what you need to.

2. Stop taking things personally.

If you approach life that everything happens for or against you, you will start to take things personally. Things just happen, it’s not about you. It’s how you respond that matters.

3. Question your feelings.

Most of the time we have no control over the feelings that arise within us, we take them for granted. Question them, see if you can feel something that empowers you instead.

4. Focus on offering more value instead of taking.

It is in our nature to focus on getting more rather than giving. But when you focus on offering more value it’s more rewarding, paradoxically you get more value of the world.

5. Learn the messages each emotion speaks to you.

Emotions arouse certain feelings within us. When you know what each emotion is trying to tell you, the feelings that arise within you will be more beneficial. Here is a complete guide!


Establishing balance between your heart and mind is necessary if you want progress accompanied with happiness.

The right Mindset and the right Heartset are two sides of the same coin, they complete each other, on is but a half of the whole image.

To feel empathy rather than contempt, to feel kindness rather than cruelty, to feel abundance rather than scarcity, these are some right Heartsets.

To feel courage and assertiveness when things are scary and you need to go out of your comfort zone, that’s one of the best Heartsets.

Having the right Heartset in life comes down to one simple thing, open your heart to the world. Even if it is uncomfortable, give your unique value.