5 Lessons Only The Most Enlightened People Secretly Know About The World


Real reality doesn’t have to make sense to humans.

Some people will say that reality is stranger than fiction. This people are usually seen as crazy, but most of them are highly enlightened.

They know that the human mind is limited, it does not perceive the real reality, it compresses what it perceives so we can understand it.

Therefore every fiction created by the human mind is still following the rules of the human mind.

Reality doesn’t have to make sense to humans, therefore reality can be something so strange that no human mind can think of.

Enlightened people have played with such ideas and they have realized a couple of lessons they secretly know about the world.

5 Lessons Only The Most Enlightened People Know:


1. Everything is as it should be.

For some people this thought can be hard to play with, but enlightened people see the world with different eyes.

If you tell this to a starving child, or a someone from a country where there is war, they will think you have lost your mind.

Enlightened people do not see the world from an individual perspective, they don’t think about the subjectivity of humans when they say this.

They see it at a higher scale, far away of the canvas. They see at the bigger picture. They do not see good or bad, but humanity still evolving.

They realize that everything is tightly connected to everything else, following a blueprint of a higher intellect, a pattern we don’t see.

2. Our mind sees inverted reality.

According to some spiritual gurus we don’t see the real reality. In fact, we can’t see the real reality.

All we see is what we can with the capacity of our human mind. And the reality we see is actually inverted, like looking in a mirror, with all senses.

What we see outside of ourselves is actually a projection of something that’s within our own psyche.

There is a saying as within so without and it explains exactly this phenomena, the world we see outside is a reflection of our inner world.

We even have an idea that we first need to receive in order to give. Enlightened people know that it’s inverted, it’s the other way around.

3. You don’t really know anyone.

Because we see inverted reality and we project things from our inner world unto the outer world, we don’t really know other people.

What we get to know is the idea we have about other people, an idea that’s a projection of some aspect, some archetype within our own psyche.

When we meet other people we don’t really know their wholeness, who they are, what they have been through.

We know a limited version of them they show, and we project our assumptions unto this limited version.

Therefore, what you get to know, who you think someone is, it has nothing to do with who they really are but all with who you really are.

4. There is no duality.

Because when you look at others you actually see aspects of yourself, therefore all you see around you, everyone is part of you.

And not just this, but if you dive deep within matter you will eventually come to a conclusion that everything is energy.

We are all energy that’s vibing at a different tempo and with a different rhythm. We are all the same consciousness.

We have awareness of an illusionary self, but in reality everything is one. There is no duality for enlightened people.

They know the things we see as different sides are actually different levels on the same scale, some have more energy, some less, but all is the same.

5. Reality is a dream.

Some enlightened people say that we are all experiencing a dream. We are all dreaming reality together.

They say that people before us have been dreaming the reality we were born in for a long time. They have been dreaming laws and structures.

Culture, societal rules, inventions, art, everything has been dreamed of and you are now within their dream.

Now you dream your own dream in this global dream. And you can dream a reality that seems nothing like a dream, but it’s still a dream.

Our reality is created by consciousness. We are all part of this consciousness. However, not many people are aware they are dreaming.

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