3 Unusual Ways How To Reconnect With Your Passion


Your passions are the glimpses that unveil your purpose.

When we are young we all have strong passion for many things, and these things intersect into a point that reveals our purpose.

However, as we grow old we tend to neglect these passions until they are barely visible. We try to be grown ups and do what grown ups do.

We think that to be a grown up it means to forget about your dreams and passions and to do what earns you enough to be part of society.

But the one thing that will give most meaning in your life is your purpose, and you cannot find your purpose if you barely know your passions.

Here are 3 unusual ways to reconnect with your passions and rediscover that feeling of excitement, curiosity and purpose.

3 Unusual Ways To Unleash Your Passion:


1. Build something from scratch.

There is something inspiring about a project where you yourself build something from scratch. It connects you with your inner masculine energy.

It can be anything, from a household item to DIY toy you’ve always wanted to build. And the process of you going step by step to build this will reconnect you with your passion.

You will remind yourself what it’s like to be able to build yourself something you desire. This will improve your confidence as well.

2. Create something artistic.

Building something can be fun, but it’s a more masculine task. Creating something artistic is what you should do if you want more feminine approach.

You can paint an image, or write a novel, or write a song, play an instrument, or even redesign your clothes.

Whatever you choose, creating something artistic will reconnect you with your feminine energy and your passions.

3. Learn a skill you always wanted to learn.

We all want to learn various things. Some of them are not even in the same group. Especially when we are little kids, we have curiosity for many things.

Some of these skills are still pending to be learned, the kid in you still craves the curiosity to learn how to juggle, speak in different voices, act, dance, or something else.

When you invest time and energy to learn a skill you always wanted to learn you satisfy the kid within you and as a reward the kid will remind you what filled your heart with joy.