9 Things We Can Do To Heal Our ‘Negative’ Emotions


Emotions are the language of your heart.

There is an epidemic in the world today, an epidemic of unresolved emotions and festering inner wounds that manifest in stress, drama, depression and anxiety.

Just like your physical body you have an emotional body, a place where you store your emotions. However, most people do not know when this body is in need of healing.

When so called negative emotions are suppressed and unresolved they don’t just go away, they remain pending deep within your psyche, they are wounds in your emotional body.

But it’s not that negative emotions make wounds, it’s the fact that we don’t resolve them that’s detrimental to our emotional health. The truth is, there are no negative emotions.

Every single emotion is valuable and every single emotion has a powerful lesson you should be aware of. Here are 9 ways how we should deal with our more intense emotions.

9 Things We Can Do To Heal ‘Negative’ Emotions:


1. We should talk to people who really care about us.

Talking things out, especially with those that care about us will be the best way to heal ourselves from the negative emotions. We will have a system for support and those within it will want always to be there when we need them. We should always listen to their advice.

2. We should take a small break if we feel the need, or do what actually feels best.

In fact, overworking ourselves during times when extreme emotions are present will not do us any favor. When we feel the need of taking a break, we should take one. Maybe several days of wallowing and sleeping in our sadness is going to provide us with the sense of relief and healing.

3. We should figure out from where they come, and also resolve the problem that causes them.

If we never realize why something bothers us, we will never have the ability actually to get over that something that bothers us. When something stresses us, we should dive deep into it, and also work with and through it. We cannot expect those negative emotions to disappear without doing anything.

4. We should not blame other people for our pain.

We should not blame other people for the ways in which we react to something that happens in our life. We should permit ourselves to move ahead in the proper way. We cannot just walk in circles and act like other people mess the things up in our life when we are the only ones that set up the various situations.

5. We should write out the pain we feel.

We should start our journal, in order to write everything we feel the need to. We should put all our sorrows and pains into words. Writing everything that makes us feel down will allow us to get those feelings out and it will even make it quite easier for us to outgrow them. We will stop giving them the power they need as we aren’t dwelling on those emotions anymore.

6. We shouldn’t ignore them.

Sometimes, we think that ignoring our emotions would be the best way to make them go away, but that’s definitely not the case. We always have to acknowledge how we feel. When we don’t address it, we can’t work through it.

7. We should give ourselves time to breathe and relax.

There are times when we go through different negative emotions, such as pain, extreme loss, or anger. During such periods, finding some time to breathe and relax will help. We should give ourselves time to take a deep breathe and notice how we feel after.

8. We should find something that will distract us.

Although we should not find something that will make us entirely disregard our feelings, we have to do something that distracts us from the suffering and pain when it is a thing which can’t be resolved quite quickly. In such cases, hobbies will work wonders.

9. We should ask ourselves what we can or should learn regarding negative emotions.

When we struggle with negative feelings and emotions, or we feel upset, we should ask ourselves what lessons these negative emotions will do for us. What can we learn from such emotions? Is there any lesson behind them? Every emotion has a message that you should be aware of in order to grow and be a better version of your self.