5 Steps How To Live In A State Of Abundance


There is world of abundance and a world of scarcity, and you decide what world you live in.

There are really two ways you can live your life. It’s either that the world is a place of abundance or a place of scarcity. Most people live in a world of scarcity.

And those who live in a state of abundance are usually the people that the world sees as successful, or as some kind of spiritual gurus who have figured it all out.

The reality is that these people have a default state of being that is abundant and loving. They live in a completely different reality than most of the world.

While others see a world of problems, war, enemies and scarcity, these people see a world full of possibility, peace, love and abundance. And they really do live in such world.

In this article I will show you 5 steps that will lead you to live in a more beautiful world. Here is how to live in a state of abundance and fulfill your every desire.

5 Steps How To Live In Abundance:


1. Start to look through an abundant perspective.

The first thing you should change is the perspective through what you see the world. Most of us have been programmed with a scarcity perspective.

Most people believe the world is scarce in resources, scarce in opportunities, even scarce in happiness. But in reality, the world is abundant of all these things.

It’s just that our perspective sees certain things and ignores other things to create our reality. So when you shift your perspective your reality will shift too.

When you start to see that there is more than enough from anything to the world, you will start to see things you haven’t seen before. You’ll see opportunities.

Make a habit of thinking about the endless things the world offers to you every moment, songs, movies, books, information, games, pleasures, food, opportunities.

2. Be aware of the space between you and your mind.

When you create a perspective of abundance you need to become aware of the space that’s between you and your mind.

Most people do not even know that there is this space, that they are not actually their mind, their thoughts and emotions.

Because they have no clue, they are driven by their mind to random directions based on outer stimuli, based on what they hear from others, on the media, on the internet.

And if you do not have this awareness of the space between you and your mind, even if you change your perspective to abundance, it will be briefly.

The world of scarcity will suck you back into its reality. So try meditation, try to observe your mind, your thoughts and emotions. Become aware.

3. Trust that your mind will generate a way.

When we say that humans have so much potential, one of the things we refer to is the human mind. We have supercomputers that we do not know how to use.

So we let them run on automatic and we end up being used by them. But your mind is your most faithful servant.

There is nothing in the world that is as faithful to you as your own mind. Whatever you tell to your mind, it’ll find a way to make it real, at least for you.

It will reinforce the things you want to believe by picking data from the world around you that prove your theories. Whatever you tell, your mind sees it as true.

Even if you desire something, let’s say starting a business, your mind will generate the best possible way for you. If you learn to trust your mind it can lead you anywhere.

4. Practice taking action to build self confidence.

Having a perspective of abundance and being aware enough to use your mind and generate ways to get whatever you want is not enough. in fact, it’s pointless unless you take action.

And taking action is hard, at first. But it all comes down to it. There is no shortcut. Taking action is a constant in every reality, it’s what actually gives you results.

There are two simple tricks you can use to make taking action easier for you. The first one is called Chunking, it means to take the goal and chunk it down the the simplest steps.

And the second trick is Counting Down From 5 to 1. You know what your next step is, so start counting from 5 to 1 and promise yourself that when you say 1 you take action.

The more you practice taking action the more natural and easier it will get. The more you take action the more confidence you’ll have in your self that you can get what you want.

5. Feel the emotion of abundance every day.

So you have a perspective of abundance, you have awareness to use your supercomputer, you trust it will find a way and you have confidence that you will take action.

Those things are the ingredients to feel abundance. It’s not that you swim in resources, but you have all you need to get all you need at any time. That’s how abundance feels.

You should remind yourself of this feeling, feel this feeling often. Feel that you are capable of getting whatever you need for yourself, fulfilling any desire.

When you make it a habit to feel abundance your default state of being will slowly start to be a state of abundance. You will see abundance and feel abundance.

When you see and feel abundance, you will act and do things from a place of abundance and love. This will change your reality. It will expand your energy and happiness.