5 Things That Give A Fulfilling Life And How To Get Them


Strive to live a life of happiness.

Every single person knows that they should follow their purpose, that they should create their happiness, that they should live fulfilling lives.

However, majority of the world is living within a loop. Every single day is the same, just slightly different so they remain within the loop.

They are all prisoners. They are prisoners of society and their own inability to leave their comfort zone. They are stuck with what’s familiar.

It’s safe there, in the comfort zone. At least it seems safe because you do not realize time passes you by while you are hypnotized by the mundane everydayness.

In this article we’l give you the 5 things that if you do, will give a fulfillment in your life. These things are what every single person should strive one doing.

5 Things That Give Fulfillment:


1. Doing something you are passionate about.

When you do something you are passionate about you are walking the path of your purpose. Your passions are the signs pointing you there.

Your passions lead you closer and closer to your real purpose in life, you actually feel more energized doing something you are passionate about.

Each and every single one of your passions adds up to what you were meant to do, they all help you reveal more of your real purpose.

In order to discover what your passions are you should take a piece of paper, a pen, and just write a list of things you enjoy doing.

Some of these things feel different, they give you inspiration, you would do them even if you don’t get anything in return. These are your passions.

2. Helping other people live better.

Most people have a default belief that the best way to have a happy life is if you spend time making your life better.

But there is a little trick to happiness, if you spend just a tiny amount of time and energy to make someone’s day slightly better, you would feel much happier.

This is really counterintuitive to many. The most rewarding thing is making other people live better. With just a tiny bit you get so much fulfillment.

In order to help other people live better you should best start with the people closest to you.

Try to do at least one random act of kindness per day. Help your friend, or a family member, or simply wish them a good day sincerely.

3. Solving global problems.

Saving the world seems to be the main subject in many movies these days. Heroes fighting against evil armies to save the humanity.

But we, humans, face real problems every single day. There are problems that affect some of us, and problems that affect all the world.

You don’t have to fight evil armies to be a hero of the world. in fact, there are no evil armies, there are global problems and the world needs creative solutions.

In order to solve global problems you should search the greatest problems the world is facing these days, like pollution, starvation, obesity, climate change.

Look for an area that interests you and try to find groups of people who work to solve these issues, join them, share your ideas, think creatively.

4. Making a loving family.

Happiness comes from within and it is a way of seeing the world around you. Fulfillment can come from simple things too. Simple things that are actually big deal.

One of these things is family. Making your own family, finding a loving partner and raising a beautiful family is one of the most fulfilling things in the world.

Yeah, you can solve global problems, help other people, but looking at the faces of people you love the most, how they smile, that’s worth everything.

In order to make a loving family you should first make sure that you are being the authentic version of yourself. This will attract the right partner.

When you work on your self, when you make sure you and your partner invest together in building a loving family, that’s all you need to make one.

5. Exploring the mystery of the world.

The world is a big place for humans. There are places to be explored, beauties to be seen, mysteries to be amazed by, you can not see it all.

Most of people are living unfulfilling lives not because there’s something missing, but because they are prisoners by their own comfort zone, they live in prison of illusions.

Embarking on a journey to explore the world is fulfilling because you leave your comfort zone, and all you are left with is the realness of existence.

In order to explore the mystery of the world you should define what kind of things bring this feeling in you. What is inspiring? What is exciting?

Once you have an idea what type of things you want to explore, old cities, history, modern places, wonders, cuisine, once you know, start exploring.