5 Steps How To Raise Your Energy When You Feel Stressed


Stress is part of life but learning how to manage it is your opportunity to master it.

Being stressed serves nobody, neither you nor the situation, and it keeps your energy low. But how to raise your energy when you feel stressed? There is a way.

In this article we will show you a 5 step process that you can do anywhere, and it will help you immediately feel more relaxed and raise your energy in less than 10 minutes.

The thing is that when you are stressed you can’t think outside of the stressing reality. Your mind is obsessed over what’s stressing you and it cannot think of anything else.

This keeps your energy low and when your energy is low you cannot think of solutions or opportunities. You need to be aware and make conscious effort to raise your energy.

When your energy is high the things that stress you have weaker grip over your mind and you have more energy for action. Here is how to raise your energy when stressed.

5 Steps How To Raise Your Energy When Stressed:


1. Do a quick relaxing technique.

First, pause whatever you do. You need to relax your overactive mind. Do a quick relaxation technique. Tense the muscles in your body, hold for 5 seconds, and release. Do this cycle 9 times. You will immediately feel yourself being more relaxed.

2. Think about what’s stressing you.

Now, with a more relaxed mind, think about what is stressing you. If it’s a big project you need to finish, or a bill you need to pay, or something else, think about it. Just like tensing your muscles, tense the thought about what is stressing you.

3. Find the underlying reason for being stressed.

The mind makes things seem scarier than they are. You need to find the underlying assumption that’s actually stressing you. Why do you think you will not finish, or not pay your bill? What can you do instead? What if you don’t finish the project or pay the bill?

4. Replace the assumption with something positive.

If the negative assumption is you don’t have enough money to pay the bill, the positive one might be what can you stop spending on to save, or what can you sell to pay the bill. Either there is something you can do, or the consequences are not so dire to be stressed.

5. Let your energy expand.

The moment you shift the assumption, the moment you realize it’s not as scary as your mind makes it to be, your energy will start expanding. This is a sign that your energy is raising. Let it expand. You might even start to giggle.