Here Is The One Healthy Thing That We Learned This March 2019 You Should Know


The society these days lives a life that’s hectic. Stress and anxiety are almost inevitable with the tempo that we live. And statistically they are on the rise.

It’s strange that in a period of human history when we are most advanced and most secure, anxiety is on the rise.

And because anxiety is a feeling that nobody is a fan of, people have created countless ways to distract themselves and hide from this emotion.

When anxiety arises people immediately go for something to distract themselves from it. They do not even feel the anxiety. The run away from it.

They open social media, watch a video, turn some music, read, converse in pointless topics, but probably the worst they do is go for the booze.

The One Healthy Thing For This Month: Drink less alcohol if you have anxiety.


Yes, drinking a beer or two will reduce your anxiety. However, just in that moment. It’s an escape, like we said. But this escape comes with a price.

It is proven that alcohol creates an imbalance in your body’s chemistry, and exactly this imbalance reduces your anxiety and relaxes your nerves.

However, your body will tend to reestablish balance. So the next morning when the alcohol fades away, your anxiety will return, doubly or triply.

The things you think of the next morning are all anxiety driven. Why do you think you think of whether or not you did shameful things?

It’s because your anxiety hijacks your thoughts, it wants to find something to reinforce itself. Happiness, for example, will make you remember happy things.

If you are person who feels anxiety regularly, you might have some anxiety disorder and you should see a professional.

Anxiety disorders happen because of a stressed lifestyle, past traumas, or just a chemical imbalance. However, you don’t have to live with anxiety, there are ways to help yourself.

The dumbest thing you could do is go for the booze to relieve yourself from anxiety. It’s not just unhealthy, but it’s not effective on the long term, it just masks your problem.

If you are a person who feels anxiety daily, you should try things like eating a healthier diet, exercise, yoga, hike, swim, breathing techniques, meditate, dance, laugh.