How To Detox Your Spirit From The 4 ‘Poisons’ You Take Daily


When you detox your spirit you will naturally be a happier person.

Every single day people consume 4 ‘poisons’ that prevent their spirits from expanding and evolving. In this article we will tell you what are those and how to detox them.

Our spirit naturally wants to grow and evolve. We are meant to be much greater beings than the way we live our lives. And you can peak this potential at certain individuals.

But you have this potential too. All of us do. We are all unique and we can all give unique fruits to the world if we let our spirits develop fully instead of imprisoning ourselves.

Just remember the creative and wondrous version of yourself you were as a child. Imagine what you could have been if you kept developing that spirit. And you still are able.

You just need to detox your spirit, gain perspective and create a better lifestyle for yourself, one that is more ‘poison’ free. Here is how you can do this.

The 4 ‘Poisons’ You Take Daily:


1. Negativity.

What is negativity? Let’s see it like this, let’s say that your energy is either expansive or contractive.

Expansive energy comes from abundance, it means you are open to new possibilities and you see opportunities.

Contractive energy comes from scarcity, it means you are protective, defensive, closed to possibilities and your attention is on problems.

To understand negativity you should see it as something that makes your energy more contractive, and this something can be a person, environment or even a song.

Most of us are surrounded by negativity daily. From the conversations you have with colleagues to TV news and songs on radio, most of them hold your attention on problems.

Most of these streams share retold stories and promote fear. They promote scarcity mindset. They reinforce the victim mentality. They keep you from expansion.

How to detox from negativity? First you should realize that negativity is part of life, it’s not something to avoid completely, just do not let it predominate.

To detox from negativity you should create a negativity fast. Detach from negativity, from people, environments, TV, movies, songs, that spread negativity.

Do this for 2 weeks and see how you feel. Try to bring more positivity in your life, listen to uplifting music, watch comedies, connect with positive people, read better books.

2. Overthinking.

The way society works is very mentally oriented. It’s how we have developed complex social structures, with laws and rules.

However, this way of living makes us forget, maybe not even realize at all, that experiencing life through the mind is just one of many realms.

Overthinking, then, is a byproduct of living solely through your mind, experiencing everything mentally, directing all your attention and energy to thinking.

This way of living creates anxiety and stress. Why? Because the mind is a tool that generates possible and mostly, impossible scenarios.

Living solely through your mind, it will make you so detached from reality that you will worry about every single possibility and even impossibility it can think of.

You give so much importance to your mind that you believe everything it thinks of. Instead of using this powerful tool you are used by it.

How to detox from overthinking? First you should realize that there are more ways to experience life than through your thoughts. Feel it, touch it, explore.

Open yourself to other realms of existence. Try to see the world with fresh eyes. Relax your mind through various practices. Observe your thoughts instead of trusting them.

As you step back from your overactive mind try to feel your feelings. Bring your attention to what you feel, what you sense. Most importantly, start playing again.

3. Comparison.

The disease of modern society is comparison. Especially with social media. And do not get me wrong, I don’t think social media is the problem, I think it only highlighted the problem.

I think we were competing with each other way before the internet was even a thing. Social media just gave us a tool intended to connect us that we used to satisfy our ego.

People love to watch how other people live. They love to gossip and share stories about other people’s lives. Why? Because somewhere deep down they feel it makes them better.

However, with social media, anyone can pretend to be anything. They can create ego over their ego. They can pretend to live the happiest life possible just for others to see.

And when people scroll through social media and see these pictures, they immediately feel as if there is something wrong with them. It’s a game of comparison.

In this game nobody wins. There is always someone better than you. You get that dopamine fix of being liked, but there is always someone with more likes.

How to detox from comparison? First you must realize that the more likes you have the less confident you are, the more approval you get the more you need.

Accept who you are. Stop playing this fool’s game and embrace fully who you are, with all your talents and flaws. Take time off from social media for couple of weeks.

The only way to beat that game is to stop playing it. Create better game. Instead of comparing yourself with others, keep score of your goals. It’s much more fulfilling.

4. Distractions.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to take a step toward your purpose, to follow your passions and joy, to do things that really matter.

And chances are you know what you are supposed to do. If you are really honest with yourself, if you are on a lie detector, you will tell the truth.

You know what you are supposed to do, what fulfills you the most, but for some reason, you keep running within the rat wheel.

This reason is, most of the time, distraction. You get these glimpses of awareness, watching a video or reading an article like this one, and you get back to the wheel.

This rat wheel is the endless amount of distractions all around you aiming to capture your attention. And they keep you within the comfort zone, postponing what matters.

These distractions range from social media, games and mindless conversations with people you don’t even like to addictions, activities and habits not in your control.

How to detox from distractions? First you must realize that distractions will be always there, it’s you who needs to take more responsibility of your attention.

Make some distraction free zones. Protect yourself from distractions by creating couple of hours you are unavailable to others, you just do what makes you happy.

If you know your purpose than make a strategy. Create a purpose plan. Create a schedule, you can invest 45 minutes per day to take actions toward your purpose.