6 Simple Ways How to Deal With Stress at Work


In the modern world stress is inevitable, but learning how to manage it is a choice.

We all know how it is, you cope with stress daily in college or university, and you get used to it, then you graduate and your whole life changes.

When you finally get your first job, you’re happy to be an adult. Then, everything repeats itself, but differently.

What do we mean by this? Well there are a bunch of different tasks, paperwork, chores, as well as trying to get along with your new team.

Moreover, you’re expected to know what to do in every situation, almost perfectly, because you’re an adult and that’s what adults do.

All of this creates work stress. If you have no idea how to cope with this stress, it can be unhealthy. That’s why we’re presenting 6 ways to deal with pressure at work daily.

6 Ways to Deal With Stress at Work:


1. Start your day right.

There are two ways of organising your morning. You can wake up late with no time to have breakfast, drive kids to school, drink coffee in a hurry or be stuck in traffic, realizing you’re late to work, or you can wake up earlier to prepare healthy breakfast, make yourself some tea or take water with you and come to work in time. First way leads to stress at work, second doesn’t. You just need to choose.

2. Avoid conflicts.

The conflict between you and any other person or your coworkers can drain you a lot, and it happens naturally, even if you claim you don’t care about it. The best way to handle stress is simply not to initiate conflicts, don’t gossip and don’t talk about topics you know might lead to unnecessary arguments.

3. Work on one thing at a time.

One of the biggest stress symptoms is that your productivity decreases a lot. And, when you multitask, that’s when you get the most stressed, because you’re handling a lot of work, mostly scattered between different routines at once. Even if multitasking showed to be working once, it doesn’t mean your mind won’t suffer from it. Stress happens when you go against your nature. We are simply not made to multitask.

4. Find modern solutions.

Yes, we all have tasks aside from work we need to finish. You might need to clean, write an essay, or meet with someone. And all of this additional weight can stress you even more when a lot of work comes your way. But modern times have modern solutions. You can ask someone to help you clean and delegate. You can find someone to write your essay in English, just type in “write my essay for me in UK” and get your assignments done for you overnight, now only you can do the work for yourself. And the meeting can happen on Skype while you commute. If you just use modern solutions you will find time for everything. And make sure you ask for help. For example, if your back hurts from the chair you sit in, ask to exchange it.

5. Take walks.

Sometimes it’s better to take the stress outside. When you have short breaks from work just go for a walk. Most of us have office jobs where we sit a lot. For the best mental state, we need to take walks during breaks or even exercise if your break is long enough from the time you go to the gym. If this is not possible than take a walk when you come back from work. Walk one extra station. It will clear your mind and it’s a great outlet for your stress. It’s also healthy and promotes feel good chemicals in your system. So walk whenever you can and you will see how better you’ll feel. If your budget allows you you can go on a trip. Sometimes being away from work for a while will make you more productive than if you work every day. I know when we went to Jamaica all inclusive, it really helped me relax and recharge for work.

6. Listen to the beat.

People don’t lie when they say music relieves stress, and it’s the best way to spend your drive to work or back home. You can make it your routine and blast the hits you love, and you can even sing or groove to it. Be careful on the road, though! If you commute with a train than feel free to immerse yourself to the beat you most like.


As you can see, there are a lot of triggers that if you don’t know how to manage, can make you stressed at work.

Furthermore, there are personal triggers for different people. Some of us have weird pet peeves that drive us wild.

It’s important to remain peaceful and deal with your stress smartly. Don’t forget to be friendly towards others, because work is hard for all of us.

The main point is to be organised and healthy, then no stress and no trigger will harm your productivity.

When you are stress free, or at least less stressed, you will feel better and you can be sure that you’ll secure your position at the office.

Guest Article by Sandra Larson.

Sandra Larson is one of the most prominent writers in her sphere, and she proves her important role in the team every day. After getting her Psychological degree, she worked in college for some time, but transferred to the office job soon after; that’s exactly why she got interested in this theme. In her free time, Sandra loves to take yoga classes and meditate, and she also goes to exercise in the gym regularly. She likes to eat healthy food and be productive.

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