5 Smarter Ways How To Spend Your Money To Create A Better World


You are responsible for where you spend your energy.

Making a better world is all about how and where do we spend our energy. This means where do we direct our intentions, money and actions. It’s all about what we feed.

The problem with the world today is that most of the energy that has been invested and most of the energy we spend, is directed to shape the exact world we have today.

To change the world, we need to change our energy investment. But we can do it, if we only become just a tiny bit more aware than the previous generations.

All we need to do is direct our intentions, actions and money toward things that are less harmful to the world and make it a better place for everyone. Just tiny changes in choices.

In the world today it’s really hard to know what’s a good choice. There are simply too many options and it’s overwhelming to think about all of them. So here are some advices.

5 Ways How To Spend Your Money To Create A Better World:


1. Support local, organic food growers and producers.

Wherever you live, there are small businesses and families who make a living by producing organic food. They do not have the man power to produce much, but their produce is healthier more natural. Find these people and subscribe to them.

2. Invest in your mental health.

If you want to make the world better you should start with yourself. You cannot make a positive and lasting change if you don’t solve your personal issues. They impact your choices. And most of them come from misusing the supercomputer we all have.

3. Donate to charities or companies that have a mission you resonate with.

Find a mission you resonate with, whether is feeding the hungry or saving endangered animals, and find a charity that works to solve that problem. Once you find your charity donate comfortable amount of money to this charity. The fulfillment you get is a plus.

4. Buy products that are harm free and pollution safe.

Make sure that the products you buy do not add to the pollution of the world. Make sure they are produced by materials that do not harm our planet nor the animals living along side with us. There are always better options than the mainstream ones.

5. Stop spending in companies that have a harmful system of doing work.

It’s not all about where you spend, but also, where you don’t spend your money. Find the top 5 companies you feed that are harmful to the planet and stop feeding the thing that’s destroying what you care for. This will save you money for better things.

These 5 tips might not create a drastic change. But your change will be significant. And your part for doing good will be satisfied. What’s best, you might inspire others to do the same. That’s how we create a better world.