7 Easy Ways You Can Change Your World On Better


You are the master of your own world.

Have you ever wondered why the world around you is a certain way? You are a product of your own reality. Whatever you do causes some kind of a reaction.

You can control how positive that reaction is. How we interact with others and ourselves is how we control our world.

The energy you give unto someone, they give unto someone else. Fortunately, we can change the energy we receive and give. As a result, you can change your world.

7 Ways You Can Change Your World:


1. Don’t hoard your love.

We have been taught the limits of love and abundance in the world. This belief has made the World a colder place at times.

Therefore, when we receive love in our lives, it’s valuable to us. Our fear of losing love often makes us hold onto it.

Harmony is about the flow of energy between us and The Universe. That flow is continuous, shared and never ending. Therefore, let go of that lovely energy you’re feeling.

Let others feel it and connect to you. When they do the same, that love will come back to you.

2. Recycle your experiences.

“Experience is our greatest teacher.” Through experience we learn exclusive lessons and we earn unique wisdom we can share.

Its presence comes in our lives with purpose. We should learn from our experiences. In addition, we should teach them.

If you have experienced something that has benefitted you, tell someone else. When you do that, you will be recycling the positive energy that experience gave you.

3. Use things not people.

Everybody has a function or purpose. It is a part of their own reality. In that way they are like you.

When you use a person like an object, you negate their higher reality. The message is sent that their purpose is only to serve your needs.

Often more value is given to objects than people. Through attention or neglect, we share our energy with each other in this World.

Although objects, like money, tools or computers, have energy, they are different. They receive and give energy by choice. Recognize the purpose, seen or unseen, in us all.

4. Share.

Ownership is a misguided term. We find it attractive to possess something that is completely ours.

We feel empowerment by having the freedom of choice to decide what to do with our possessions.

We cannot physically live in our present forms or reality forever. Therefore we can’t hold onto our things forever.

In fact, they were never actually ours. We buy things we don’t make, eat food don’t grow, learn information we didn’t discover. Our whole existence has come from sharing.

The currency of sharing comes from good will. If you own something, love it for what it is. Your “possessions” have an energy. Like love, they are meant to be shared.

5. Don’t victimize yourself.

A negative experience can easily change our moods or mindset. Like any mishap done by you or to you, it is momentary.

That unpleasant experience is the result of who you were, not who you are. Don’t define yourself by that experience.

Often, we use our negative experience to create excuses for our lack of progress or success. It’s easier.

It is easy to claim victimhood and expose yourself to more pain. If you expect negativity it will come, regardless if you are a victim or not.

Experience flows into our lives. We cannot let it flow out of our lives as well. We only need to decide to let it go.

6. Don’t Compare others’ success to your own.

“Comparison is the mother of self hatred.” Everyone in this world has something they wish to achieve. We all struggle at times to do this.

There are times when we see a person who may have everything we want. Or worse, they are able to manifest these goals, while we are struggling to manifest ours.

When you compare your goals with others, you eventually end up comparing your life and your value.

By thinking more about another’s progress, you are allowing that person to control your life, whether they want or not. Your goals are your future and your failures are your past.

No two people have the exact same goals. Focus on your life by experiencing your present journey. You will manifest a life that is in harmony with you.

7. Consider your energy before you transfer it.

We try but often fail to consider our energy when we explore the world. Negative experiences or vibrations are designed to disrupt our flow.

It’s easy to allow negative energy to determine an imperfect state. Therefore we should always consider what energy we bring into and send out of ourselves.

When we transfer our energy unto others, they may keep it inside of them give it to someone else or spread it.

Negativity is a disease we keep infecting each other with daily. Don’t transfer that “bad” energy, but let go of it yourself.

Transfer your positivity and let it heal others. By spreading your positivity you are literally changing your and everybody else’s world to be more positive.

A Guest Article by Frederick Haddox.