5 Facts About Society That Will Make You Stop Worrying What Others Think Of You


The best version of you is your true self.

Can you remember when you were young kid? How it felt when you were just free to be whoever you wanted to be? It was probably the best version of you.

But as we grow up we start carrying what other people might think of us and we shackle our true personality. We become a fake version of ourselves that society demands.

We edit who we are to make other people like us, to be able to fit in. Most people are obsessed with what others think of them, they live their whole lives according to it.

They act a certain way, like certain things, speak certain things, share certain opinions, and most of these things are not even close to who they really are.

If we were really honest with each other, if we were our true selves for just one day, you would not recognize most of the people you think you know. But this fakery is pointless.

5 Facts About Society To Stop Worrying What Others Think Of You:


1. Nobody cares about you.

Everybody is obsessed with themselves. You think only you obsess over the tiny flaws you see when you look at yourself? Everyone thinks that everybody will notice these tiny flaws. But everybody is busy worrying about themselves.

2. People admire authenticity.

Authenticity is more admired than classy fakery. If you have a unique style and you stand by your uniqueness with confidence, others will admire it. They will see you and be inspired to stand by their own uniqueness. Or they won’t. Either way, be authentic.

3. Most things will be forgotten.

Most of the embarrassing things you have done are completely forgotten. Even you don’t recall all of them. So why worry what others think of you? The will forget what they thought anyway. Be someone who makes you happy.

4. What’s normal somewhere is weird in another place.

Most people follow a certain norm within each society. And that’s completely ok. However, if you feel like you shouldn’t shave, or wear a make up, don’t. Just because something is weird somewhere, it doesn’t mean it’s not right.

5. Nobody knows what’s the exact right way to live.

The truth is, nobody really knows the exact right way to live. Everybody is just improvising best way they can. So don’t be too attached to other people’s opinions, most of them are inherited, outdated and unchecked. Listen to your own wisdom.