5 Things An Empath Would Really Like To Say To Their Narcissist Partner Before Breaking Up


An empath would go out of their way to help someone, that’s why they are often hurt in a relationship.

Relationships are like a dance. Both partners follow a rhythm that resonates with their idea of love. However, most relationships are dysfunctional dances.

When we say dysfunctional dances we mean half people joining together to create a whole person and this creates a half relationship. They are hardest to break even though harmful.

Dysfunctional relationships are always between a more codependent person and a more narcissistic one. They both dance in a rhythm that’s really attractive to the other.

So when they enter in a relationship, the feelings between each other can be so strong that they get addicted to themselves. Empaths, however, can be mistaken as codependent.

This puts empaths in a difficult position. They are attracted to narcissists and narcissists are really attracted to empaths. But sooner or later an empath has it enough.

5 Things An Empath Would Really Like To Say To A Narcissist:


1. All I wanted to do is fix you.

Because you are an empath, you have a natural urge to help people relieve from suffering. You would go out of your own way to try and fix someone. But you might get trapped. And narcissists are perfect candidates as they feed on your attention but do not get fixed.

2. The world you rule is your prison.

So you enter this relationship and you become a part of the narcissist’s world. They rule this world. They try to control everything in it, to an extreme. And you see that this world is actually their prison that they want to imprison you in, together with them.

3. I am not yours to control.

And as you keep trying to help them you become a bigger part of their world. So now they try to control you. They try to make you fit into their schemes and agendas. They step over all your boundaries and try to chain you with their chains. And you have it enough.

4. I don’t want to play your games anymore.

You are tired of stepping on spikes trying to reach to them and help them. They choke and choke you out of your freedom, and you have it enough. You are tired of playing this game. You are tired of trying to help the person who thinks they own you.

5. You are nothing special.

So you leave them. And they are too proud to want you back. They might even swallow their pride and try to get closer, of course, in their narcissistic manner. But you know they are nothing special. They are just wounded people imprisoned in their own world.