The 6 Roles All Humans Are Currently Playing In This World Without Even Knowing


Humanity is evolving.

The mainstream narrative of the world is that you are born, you need to go to school, graduate, find a job, find a partner and have a family.

But before this narrative was established, and long after this narrative is changed, there was, and is, a much bigger one.

The way we live now is not the only way. Who we are now is not the limit of who we have a potential to be.

Since the dawn of humanity there is a bigger narrative that guides the world to evolve. Right now we are waking up to this evolution.

Each person is playing an important role, one of 6, within this narrative and without they even knowing it.

The 6 Roles Humans Are Playing:


1. The Unaware.

This is probably the biggest group of all these. Most people are within this group and since you are reading this article you are not like most people. The Unaware, as the name says, are the mass of people unaware of the humanity’s evolution.

They live their lives within the social mechanism of big and small cities. They do not question their ways. They follow what the mainstream narrative is telling them. They are happy, sad, ordinary people. Some might even call them sheep.

However, their role is not to be underestimated. After all, these are the people who awaken. We were all part of this group. And in this group you will find the greatest sense of humanity. Just ordinary people doing the best they can.

2. The Retarding Mass.

This is, thankfully, not a bigger group than The Unaware. This is the group of people who do not want to follow the mainstream narrative but they have chosen a lifestyle that does not benefit the rest of society. In fact, it retards the progress of humanity.

They peaked into awareness but misunderstood something. So they are not fully aware, but not unaware either. These are the complainers who do not take action, the conflict makers, the ones who have chosen a selfish way even if it means stepping over everybody.

They see The Unaware as naive sheep, and they see The Leaders as manipulators. They believe in all conspiracy theories. Their actions make it harder for The Awakeners to awaken The Unaware and for The Leaders to change the structure of the world on better.

3. The Awakeners.

This group is becoming bigger and bigger, and that’s good. These are the people who have peaked behind the curtain, who’ve seen the unconscious psychological forces orchestrating the dance of humanity. And they have chosen to make others see this themselves.

They are spreading spiritual knowledge, they are sharing conscious articles, they are writing books, filming videos, giving public speeches, coaching. They are psychologists, mentors, life coaches, or anyone who gives The Unaware ways to become aware.

Their role is to reach ordinary people and show them a deeper layer of themselves. They want to show others how to be in control of their own selves, to show them the illusions they make and follow mindlessly. They are crucial for humanity’s evolution.

4. The Followers Of Purpose.

These people are not necessarily awakened, but most of them are. The Followers do not follow someone, but they follow a deeper purpose. They sense their soul’s purpose and whatever it is, they follow it.

These people can be anyone and do anything as long as it resonates with their soul’s purpose. And because of their complete dedication just seeing them do what they do is beautiful. The Follower’s purpose is helping the evolution of humanity in unexpected ways.

A person can do ice sculptures as a soul purpose, and their ice sculpture might inspire a public speaker to say something that will inspire another person in the audience to follow their own soul’s purpose. The soul purpose works through inspiration.

5. The Helpers.

These people are among the leaders. They are not many in number but they are crucial for The Leaders to realize their mission. The Helpers are the best friends of The Leaders, the cheerleaders who give back the confidence when The Leaders doubt themselves.

They are the connectors who introduce the right people to each other, the friends who believe in your mission and make it their own mission to help you realize yours. The ones who fight along side The Leaders.

The Helpers might not be as aware as The Awakeners, but they are far more crucial than The Unaware. It’s because when they see A Leader and they feel the importance of their mission, they will be the most selfless humans out there and do anything to help them.

6. The Leaders.

These people are, as the name says, the ones in the front row. They are the ones who carry the evolution of humanity on their shoulders. They are given an obsession, a remarkable idea that can help humanity. The Retarding Mass is just giving them a push.

They have the best interest for humanity at heart, but sometimes they are slow in progress. They are the innovators, the scientists and the Elon Musks of the world. They push the boundaries of what’s possible and stretch the limits of humanity.

The Leaders have such strong sense of purpose that they will do anything, literally anything to see this purpose become a reality. They are crucial for humanity’s evolution because their innovations will be what helps humanity unlock more of its potential.