5 Ways You Can Be Spiritual In The Modern World Of Technology


The modern world might seem like a hectic environment, it might seem as society is steering away from its natural origins. And it might be true.

However, to an extent. It’s not fair to speak only bad about technology and the modern world. There are countless benefits most people neglect.

You have device in your pocket that can literally give you any piece of information with just a click of a button.

You can customize the stream of content that reaches you based on your own unique desires and preferences.

There are countless other benefits of the modern world. If you want to improve your spiritual self you can do it with help of the modern world.

5 Ways To Be Spiritual With Modern Technology:


1. Use social media.

Most people say that social media is bad. The truth is, social media is an incredible tool that can connect you with likeminded people. Use social media and get into spiritual groups.

2. Watch videos.

There are platforms like YouTube and Facebook where you can find any kind of videos. Use these to search for videos and subscribe to teachings that will improve you spiritually.

3. Use applications for mindfulness.

There is a famous term called mindfulness. It means to clear your mind from thoughts and become present. There’re apps you can use to help you achieve this state.

4. Read books and quotes.

You can order books directly from Amazon and read them on your device. Or read wise quotes with just the push of a few buttons. You can even listen to others read to you.

5. Listen podcasts.

There are many kinds of podcasts about health, nutrition, science and even spirituality. Use the power of podcasts to improve your spiritual self as you commute to work.