10 Secrets To Live Happier Life


“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” — Aristotle

Happiness is the thing majority of the world is actively in pursuit of. But the trick about happiness is that the more you are chasing it, the less happy you are.

This is because you are not chasing after happiness, you are chasing after things you think are fundamentals of happiness. But all these things are results, not causes of happiness.

Most people think money, fame, romantic relationship will make them happy, but they don’t realize that these things are just natural results of happiness.

These things cannot make you happy if you don’t realize the truth of happiness. And this truth is that happiness is not about taking certain things, but about giving.

There are 10 secrets of happiness that not many people know about. These secrets are what happy people realized and live by. So try to practice some of them.

10 Secrets To Happy Life:


1. Make others happy.

Not many people are aware of this but making others happy makes you happy. This might seem counterintuitive but when you make someone else happy, you become happier.

2. Do random acts of kindness.

Doing one random act of kindness per day can be very rewarding. Not just for the people you help, but for you as well. It gives you immense amount of fulfillment and happiness.

3. Watch more comedy.

Most people are addicted to drama. Movies, TV, songs, people consume mostly drama. Watching more comedy and listening to happier songs gives you happier mindset in return.

4. Soak in sunshine.

It is proven that sunshine affects us and our mood. Sunshine is a factor that stimulates our organism to produce vitamins and hormones. It improves our mood and makes us happy.

5. Do more of the things you love doing.

You know what makes you happy. But how often do you do those things? Probably not very often. It’s simple, do at least one of these things that make you happy per day.

6. Maintain meaningful relationships.

The relationships you have with people can be a great source of happiness. Create deep and meaningful relationships with the right people and maintain these relationships.

7. Dance often.

Dancing is an activity that improves your mood. Put on a song that moves you, music that makes you excited and happy, and dance. Flowing with happiness will make you happy.

8. Journal.

A personal journal, safe for your intimate emotions and thoughts, is like having a great friend who listens to you without judging. That’s why journaling makes you happier.

9. Take a proper care of your health.

Being healthy is a way of living. Eating better food, being active, giving your body proper rest and hygiene is how you maintain your health. Health is an environment for happiness.

10. Serve.

The whole world is striving to have more. Rarely who intends to serve others better. And the funny thing is that serving others is what actually makes you happy not having more.

If you want to be happier try to implement some of these secrets in your lifestyle. If you can, apply them all. You will be much happier if you do so, it’s just a fact. Tell us what’s your favorite thing to do from all of them. We would love to read it.