The One Mental Tool You Should Learn This March To Become A Super Version Of Yourself


If you are like most of us, you have had a dilemma when you didn’t know what to choose between two or more choices.

Most of us have such dilemmas daily. You like to do something, and you like to do another thing, but you can’t do them both, so you have to choose.

This might be frustrating for smaller choices, but sometimes we have such dilemmas for bigger decisions where we don’t know what’s the right choice.

And this is normal. However, most people don’t really know how to choose the best out of all their conflicting options.

However, in order to follow your heart you need to learn how to listen to it and there is a really powerful and simple technique that can help you.

The One Mental Tool For This Month:


What’s Pulling, What’s Pushing

There is a simple mental tool you can use, in a form of 2 simple questions that will clarify so many things for you.

What’s pulling?

Whenever in a dilemma between two choices ask yourself ‘What’s pulling me in that direction, love or fear, abundance or scarcity?’

Evaluate your situation. Evaluate your decision. Think like you’ve already made the decision. Does it feel easier, lighter, gentler, coming from love?

Or does it feel like you are pulled there out of fear, like you are escaping from something, or craving for something? Do you feel inspired, or desperate to do it?

What’s pushing?

Now ask yourself ‘What’s pushing me in the opposite direction, love or fear, abundance or scarcity?’

Do the same evaluation you did with the other option. See if fear is pushing you back or if love is moving you forward.

Does it feel like it’s more comfortable to do this? Does it feel relieving or exciting? Are you being gently pushed or rushed? Does it feel easier or exciting?

When you have the answers and the evaluations of both questions put them in front of you and look at them.

Here is your formula:

Choose the options that are inspired by abundance and love. Choose what’s rewarding for your soul not for your mind and comfort zone. Choose what’s inspiring not desperate.

By following this rules you will choose the options that move you closer to your purpose, that are in alignment with your growth.

Following your heart and choosing what you love will lead you to experiences that help your soul to grow and you to become your best self.

Your heart has neural connections. It knows things about you that your conscious mind is not aware of.

Your heart knows what you need, what you really need. And sometimes it might seem weird for your mind, but even though your mind might be smarter, your heart is wiser.