Monthly Astrology And Energy Update: 3 Things March 2019 Is Bringing For Each Person


The last month was all about shifting your perception toward abundance and elevation of your being. This month is about positive momentum and action.

This means that this month we will be given a forward momentum energy in our lives that will move us closer to the life we want to live and our happiness.

For people that are not really sure of their direction in life, what their calling or purpose is, what their goals are, this month might appear stressful.

It’s because they will experience the energy of the momentum moving them forward and since they don’t know where their forward is it might feel like the tide is pushing them.

For anyone who feels like this month is pushing or pulling them in many directions try to release these emotions of anxiety and surrender to the flow. Also, find your purpose.

3 Things March 2019 Is Bringing For Each Person:


On March 3rd, we will feel the strongest expression of this energy as the numerology code for this day will be 333. The number 3 represents the sum of who we are a mind, body, and spirit.

It represents the harmony and balance that is achieved when we are in alignment. The Number 3 is also highly expressive. It encourages us to express our truth, speak up, and communicate our needs and desires to ourselves, others, and the world.

On March 5th we enter the first Mercury Retrograde of the year in the sign of Pisces. Mercury will be retrograde until the 28th of the month and will be encouraging us to slow down, to assess, and to tread with caution before moving ahead.

One of the most critical days of the month is March 6th where we have the New Moon in Pisces and also the move of Uranus into Taurus. This is a big cosmic day and represents the start of a grand new cycle.

On March 20th we have the last of a string of three Super Moons. This Super Moon falls in the sign of Libra and will be giving us a hint of what needs to be completed and wrapped up so we can fully enter into the new year.

The new year in astrology falls a day later on the 21st of March. It is on this day that the Sun enters Aries and begins a new zodiac cycle. This day is also the Equinox, where we have equal hours of light and dark.

March is an extremely busy month with a lot going on and a lot of cosmic energies to play with. The best way to navigate through the month is to join the flow and trust that The Universe will guide you to wherever you need to be.

There are 3 really important things that this month brings for each person and using these 3 things will help you use the most out of the MOMENTUM energy given to you. So have in mind that these gifts are for your benefit.

1. The first thing this month gives is Forward Movement. Use this energy to move forward toward your purpose, toward living the life you want to live and toward being a happier version of yourself.

2. The second thing this month gives is Better Clarity. Use this opportunity to find what you really want to do in life, what is the real passion within your heart, see what has been happening to you in a much clearer way.

3. The third thing this month gives is Emotional Release. Use this gift to balance the anxiety and other stressful emotions the forward moving energy of this month might bring up, that’s how you will evolve.