The 6 Healthiest Exercises You Can Do Without Going To The Gym


An exercise should be something you look forward to, not an overwhelming challenge you do just for health.

When we read that exercise is almost necessary to maintain good health we often think that we should start going to the gym. And this might feel overwhelming.

Going to the gym is great, but it often requires a lot of time and discipline to follow through. However, you can outsmart the overwhelming feeling of exercise.

In order to make things smoother you should make thing easier for you. There are many exercises you can do without any requirements or even special gear even at home.

In this article we will reveal these exercises, but we will reveal the 6 best ones. And when we say best we look at the healthiest ones, the ones demanding least and giving most.

These 6 exercises are least damaging to joints and muscles, they are easy to do, you can do them whenever and wherever you are, and they give many benefits to your health.

The 6 Healthiest Exercises You Can Do:

1. Running.

Healthiest Exercises Running

This is probably one of the healthiest activities you can do. You can run sprints, you can run tempo, you can run in the morning or after work. Whenever you run it will become a habit you look forward to, and one that satisfies your daily exercise need.

2. Swimming.

Healthiest Exercises Swimming

In order to be able to swim you need to either live close to water, or visit a pool. However, swimming is worth it. It’s great for your heart, it builds endurance and muscle strength, it improves sleep, boosts your mood and relieves stress. It also makes you look fit.

3. Yoga.


You might think that doing yoga is easy but the movements are pretty demanding. Yoga is an exercise, no doubt about it. And it’s really healthy. It’s great for your heart and metabolism, increases strength and flexibility and it does wonders for your mental health.

4. Walking.

Healthiest Exercises Walking

If you didn’t know by now, walking counts as an exercise. Some researchers say that walking might be the healthiest activity you can do. It’s great for cardiovascular health and it contributes to stronger bones, it improves balance and, the best part, it’s easy.

5. Jumping.

Healthiest Exercises Jumping

Whether it’s jumping on a rope or jumping without a rope it’s an exercise you can do almost anywhere and one that will sweat you a lot. It’s also really healthy. It’s great for your heart, improves coordination and stamina and it’s a great workout for the whole body.

6. Hiking.

Healthiest Exercises Hiking

Try to hike at least once per week. It has tremendous benefits. It’s great for your heart, it improves bone density, it lowers blood pressure, cholesterol levels and body fat, it relieves stress, it connects you with Nature and improves your mood.