The 5 Things To Surround Your Life With In Order To Be The Happiest Version Of Yourself


“Everything will change in your life when you finally learn that you deserve SO MUCH BETTER” ― Karen Gibbs

If you are like most people you haven’t given much thought or conscious effort to design your life in a way that’s making you happy, daily.

Most people live according to a scheme. Go to school, graduate, find a job to pay bills, find a partner, marry, create a family.

They don’t even know why they do this. It’s because they were given these instructions and they didn’t question themselves what matters to them.

Following this default scheme might not be in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Most people feel miserable deep inside, hating their jobs.

However, you have the power to redesign your life. You have the right to do that. Here are the 5 things you should include to be the happiest self.

5 Things To Surround Your Life With To Be The Happiest:


1. The 3 types of positive friends.

It’s really important to have the right people around you if you want to live a happy life. There are 3 types of friends you should surround yourself with.

The Dreamers. These people are the ones who see possibility everywhere, who dream big and make you believe in grander things. They help you escape the everyday dullness.

The Hard Workers. These people inspire action in others. They show you that if you want to make your dreams come true it’s crucial to take action in the right direction.

The Realists. These people are the ones who balance out the dreamers with their realistic views. They’re not there to stop you from believing, but to help you make smarter action.

When you add all three types in the mix, and of course these people are your friends who you care for, you get an environment that is positive and keeps you following your dreams.

2. Things you are curious about.

Make a list of 15 things you are curious about, really curious. Write them down and look at the list.

Some of these things probably make you excited even by reading and thinking about them, don’t they?

Now think about ways how you can include at least 5 of these things you are curious about in your every day life.

How can you make to wake up and know that you will do at least 5 of these things that you are really curious about? Imagine living such life.

Even the thought of living a life filled with things you like, things that interest you and you are curious about makes you happier.

3. Your 6 biggest passions.

The intersection between two or more of your curiosities reveals what your passions might be and what you might need to do to follow them.

Think of as many things you are curious about and list them out, or read the previous list of the 15 curiosities you have written.

Where do these intersect? What is mutual to two or more of them? Can you see a pattern? What thing is connecting most of them?

Think about this and list out the ideas that you think of. The ideas that really resonate with you are your passions. List the 6 biggest passions.

Try to spend at least an hour per day in one of these 6 passions. You can even spread them out.

4. Things that keep you healthy and energized.

If you want to be happy you need to take care of yourself. This means you need to take care and maintain your health and energy.

Start with the food. Make sure that the diet you practice is healthy, that is giving you the desired results and improves your mood. Drink water.

Make sure that you move your body daily. You can exercise, or walk, or stretch, or dance, or do yoga. Whatever you like, just move.

Do not underestimate the importance of quality sleep. A good rest is as important as a good diet and exercise combined.

Practice things that give you more energy than they take. A healthy diet, movement and good rest will make you happier, healthier and more energized.

5. Your purpose.

When we say surround yourself with your purpose we mean to surround yourself with everything that your purpose requires of you.

It means to surround your life around your purpose and not the other way around. Why? Because your purpose is what gives the strongest meaning to your life.

Following your purpose rockets you out of bed in the morning, it gives you such fulfillment and satisfaction that you beam out positivity.

Others will say that there is something different about you. It’s because you shine with your presence when you follow your purpose.

So if your purpose is to create something, see all the steps and start taking them. You will be happier than you imagined. It’s the only thing really worth it.