The 10 Healthy Eating Habits for the Busy, and Lazy College Student


At some point, many people begin to think about what food we consume, and how to be healthy in this regard. It’s necessary to make some adjustments to our usual habits.

It’s necessary to get rid of bad eating habits, replacing them with healthy ones. In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems. The hardest part here is to start.

We are what we eat, as the saying goes, but what lazy quotes can you hear from a lazy student? ‘I don’t have time for healthy cooking.’

Of course, it’s impossible to stay healthy by consuming junk food like hamburgers, French fries, and candy bars every day. 

This article will give you some simple tips about cooking and answer the question of how to motivate students to eat healthily?

10 Healthy Eating Habits for the Busy College Student:


1. Protein is key.

Protein is a necessary component of a healthy diet. Therefore, you need to know where to get it from. Products like fish, eggs, nuts and beans, chicken, and dairy products contain a lot of protein and are pretty affordable even for a student. 

2. Portion control.

Have a small plate. This trick will help you control your portions better. It has been proved that the body needs exactly as much food as can fit in the palms that are folded together. But because we often get distracted during the meals, we tend to overeat. As a result, the brain does not have time to get information about saturation. A brimmed plate gives us the feeling of a huge serving; the trick is to use a smaller plate.

3. Treat yourself.

Of course, good habits will help you maintain physical health, but do not deny yourself the pleasure to break these rules sometimes. A light break in the diet will help to once again realize that you are on the right path and that you do everything voluntarily.

4. Be creative and use modern tech.

When preparing dishes, try different combinations of products and evaluate the result. Thus, you can understand which cooking method of this or that dish is right for you. And most importantly, by experimenting, you will learn to simplify. If you really want to experiment with cooking but don’t have time because of tons of essays to write, there is a solution. Even brilliant but lazy students can eat healthily by using the power of modern technology in their favor. You see, in today’s world you can do so many things if you just know the right way to use the tech we already have. For example, just search for a customwriting service to help you with tasks that you need to finish for school and make yourself some free time. Use this time to learn how to cook. Your stomach will be really grateful and you’ll love it.

5. Salad or veggies.

Historically, people from countries with a colder climate have consumed more meat and fish of fatty varieties. Having to choose between a fresh vegetable salad and a vegetable stew, we would often choose the last option. Overall, this helps in getting extra energy to keep warm, but we no longer need it. Our distant ancestors would cook food to maintain bodily temperature in the cold season, but now we can put on a sweater and an extra pair of socks if we are cold, no need to store extra fat.

6. Required breakfast.

Your day hugely depends on how you start your morning. It has been proved that breakfast improves performance by 30%, so set up your body to work by allowing yourself a few extra minutes for breakfast. Morning meal will also help you to control the feeling of hunger throughout the day, speed up the metabolism and prevent stress.

7. Respect the process of eating.

Food is not only a physiologically necessary process for maintaining vital activity. It is also one of the sources of pleasure. Just learn to give each meal enough time and stop eating on the go. First, the process of digestion begins in the mouth, which means that the further process depends on how well you chew your food. Secondly, in a hurry, you swallow a large amount of air with food, which can cause bloating. 

8. Get yourself a lunch box.

Lunch break at college is a great opportunity to exhale, relax and get away from the routine. But there are some pitfalls. When dining in a cafe or a restaurant, you do not know what this food is made from, what oil is used, how much salt there is, and so on. Better buy yourself a lunch box and carry some home cooked food to work. First, this way you will save money. And secondly, you will always know what you eat.

9. Drink water.

Try to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before meals. This habit will prepare the stomach for food intake. In addition, we often take thirst for hunger, which results in overeating. A glass of water, in this case, will help to better understand the needs of our body and quickly feel the saturation, if we were really hungry. This trick is especially useful for those who want to keep their figure.

10. Eat in silence.

The modern rhythm of life makes us reduce the time for the most basic actions, such as sleep or eating. Often we read the news at breakfast, play our favorite computer game at lunch, and enjoy a TV show at dinner. But keep in mind that the impact of unnecessary information reduces a person’s critical attitude towards their meal.


So, here are our top 10 simple rules to follow if you want to become a healthy student. Why is this guide called “for the lazy”?

The natural ability to save energy should push you to the solutions that will bring maximum benefit and require a minimum of energy costs!

Listen to your body and try to give it only organic food, which was created by nature, and not factories.

As a result, you will throw off a few extra pounds, improve your body and feel comfortable!

No matter how busy or lazy you are, you should have proper eating habits that benefit and maintain your health. It will help you in all that you do.

Authors’ bio:

As a student, Crystal Roman has always loved eating out with friends, not giving much thought to what she ate and how it was cooked. She used to think that meals were not worth wasting time and energy on them. But, there came the time when she realized that her health is much more important. Now Crystal writes articles about eating habits and nutrition.