“If they really love you dear, they would find a way to your heart”


Sometimes you wonder if people love you. Of course, you know that you are worthy of being loved, that you deserve to be loved. But you wonder.

You wonder if your partner really loves you, if your family really loves you, if your friends really love you.

I know I do. I wonder. I wonder really often. And sometimes I am not so sure. They might say they do, but something feels off.

And I don’t need to be loved. But sure it feels nice when someone loves you, doesn’t it? When someone goes out of their own way to show it.

It feels nice to see you matter to others, not just for what you mean or represent to them, but for being you. You matter for you, for who you are.

They do not reflect or project anything upon you, they just love you, the real you, for being you. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

It’s one of the most beautiful things.


It’s beautiful to see someone show up on your door unannounced with your favorite pizza, isn’t it? Of course it is.

It’s beautiful to see your partner come home with two cups of your favorite coffee while you are waking up.

It’s beautiful to get an invite for a party your friends will go to because they know you would love to come with them.

It’s beautiful to hear someone say ‘come tomorrow I’ll cook your favorite vegan meal’ even though they are not vegans.

It’s beautiful to have someone sit with you when they see you are sad or angry, and just sit there, listen to you and be there for you.

It’s beautiful when someone chooses to spend time with you and have fun instead of watching some insignificant TV show.

It’s beautiful to be called on a late night adventure, to get a beautiful, funny, romantic message in the middle of the night, to have someone come over.

It’s beautiful for others to know your favorite songs, your favorite movies, your favorite books and stories.

It’s beautiful when someone believes in you, in your truth. It’s beautiful to see someone spread your truth because they believe in it.

It’s beautiful when they make you a surprise party for your birthday, or get you tickets for your favorite band.

It’s beautiful when you see them speak about your silly passions with pride, as if by you just being passionate, makes these things cool.

It’s beautiful when you don’t need to pretend or improve to deserve all the most beautiful things in the world.

It’s beautiful when you get an honest advice by your friend, not an advice to help you be more as your friend wants you to be, but be more as yourself.

It’s beautiful to be reminded of your strengths rather than your flaws, it’s beautiful to be encouraged, it’s beautiful to be given kindness.

It’s beautiful to be accepted when you have weak days, when you are not at your best, when you doubt yourself.

It’s beautiful to be given a piece of wisdom when you feel lost and confused, when you can’t find meaning.

It’s beautiful when others know you better than you know yourself, and it’s one of the best versions you’ve heard about yourself.

It’s beautiful when you see your friends wanting to spend time with you, to see them see the best in you.

It’s beautiful to see your family unconditionally cheer for you, without being judged, to have them believe in the best in you.

It’s beautiful when your partner loves you unconditionally, even at your weirdest, just because, for no other reason than the fact you deserve it.

It’s beautiful being loved. It’s one of the most beautiful things there is. But are we being loved?

Are you really loved?

People these days love by a formula. Family, friends, partners, their love is calculated. It’s measured. It’s compared with the one you give.

You are not shown how to love, you are shown how much love you deserve according to their imaginary scoreboard.

This is not real love. This is nothing, it’s even worse than being hated as being hated is at least honest and pure.

This is edited love, it’s love rated G filtered out through all the acceptable and unacceptable variables. It’s artificial.

Real love is raw. It’s PG. It’s not equivalent to the one gave. It’s unconditional. It’s not based on any thing. It’s bigger than the one you gave.

And because it’s more than you have given them and because it’s not even expected it teaches you how to love.

It teaches you that you don’t have to love to be loved, and that’s what transforms. That’s the magic of love. That’s what makes the world better.

What most people get from their friends, their family, their partners, it’s pathetic. It’s shameful to call that love.

What most people get is an advice, a bait, a bargain to be the person they want you to be. They don’t even know you, the real you.

They don’t know the things that bring tears to your eyes, or the things that give you goosebumps and make you feel like you can slay a titan.

And you can love yourself all you want. You can connect with yourself and be yourself and live in the most authentic way possible.

But people will not change. They will not love you as you deserve to be loved because they don’t know how to love. They were never loved.

If others really love you, you would not even question whether or not you are loved. They will find their way into your heart.

That’s what real love does.

It penetrates everything. It doesn’t care for rules and formulas. It’s beyond all illusions and imaginary games, beyond everything.

And when someone loves, when someone really loves without holding anything back, this kind of love beams through anything.

There is no ego, or reason, or law, or rule, or person that can stop this kind of love. There is nobody that can stop this love from transforming them.

So if you want to be loved like you deserve to be loved, it’s best to teach others how to love. Show them the power of real love.

Forget about how you would appear, and what would others think, and what’s appropriate, and just beam your love through any excuse.

Love unconditionally, penetrate through the illusions of security we have created, show others that they have no idea how to love.

And with time you will see how your real love transformed someone. You will see how it inspired a better world.

Sooner or later you will be loved like you deserve to be loved. Through your loving you will teach others how to love.

You will experience all the most beautiful things in the world. But you must be the first one who loves.

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