The 3 Main Ways We Deal With Emotions And How To Escape Their Surge


“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” — Oscar Wilde

Emotions are inescapable part of life if you are a human being. They are movements of energy that share important messages.

The emotional being is giving you emotional responses based on the inner and outer stimuli it perceives.

However, most people are emotional illiterates. They don’t have a clue what each emotion is trying to tell them.

Not just that, but they don’t even know how to manage their emotions properly. Most people don’t even know the gift that their emotional being truly is.

This makes them slaves to their emotional being and shrinks their personal free will. Here are the main ways people deal with emotions and how to deal with them instead.

The 3 Main Ways We Deal With Emotions And One Secret Way:


1. Reacting.

This is probably the most used way of dealing with emotions. If there is a pie chart, people use reaction to emotions 75% of the pie.

Whenever people feel something during the day, most of the emotions that arise are reacted upon. What people feel most of the time they will react to this emotion.

If they feel happiness they smile, if they feel sadness they frown and whine, if they feel anger they might argue, scream, some might even throw things around.

The energy in motion, or the emotion, is in total control of their actions. Reacting to emotions is the easiest way to deal with them as it requires the least conscious effort.

It’s an instinctual reaction that is natural to mammals. However, the consequences of reacting to your emotions is not always in your best favor.

2. Suppressing.

When the emotions we feel are too much for us to handle, or at least that’s what we believe, than we don’t want to acknowledge feeling them.

We turn away from them as if they do not exist at all. Or, if reacting to what we feel is inappropriate, we suppress this energy in motion within us.

Because we are no longer animals, we have self consciousness and we follow rules within society, we can decide what emotions to react on and what not to express.

Because expressing some emotions might be shameful in certain social environment, we hold this energy stuck.

But this energy will stay stuck within your system and it will have an effect on your being, your choices and your perspective if it’s not let out.

3. Exercising.

To exercise an emotion means to take the energy of this emotion and channel it into an activity of conscious choice.

Because we edit what emotions we will react on and what emotions we will hide, having an outlet for this stuck energy is paramount.

Here is how exercising emotions becomes our main outlet. It’s taking all these emotions we have suppressed by not reacting on them and using this energy.

Most people exercise emotions through a workout. Some people dance their emotions away. Some people channel them into playing a game.

Exercising your emotions is much healthier than suppressing them and it gives you much bigger control over the consequences of your actions.

Releasing is the secret way to deal with emotions.

One of the best ways to deal with an emotion is one that least people practice. It’s called releasing an emotion.

When you go by your day and you choose what emotions to hold within, you don’t always need to exercise their energy. You can simply release it.

Be with yourself for 5 minutes on a quiet place, sit there and feel the emotions within. Let them arise. Embrace them fully and let them keep on flowing away.

The energy will flow away in minutes. Because not many people know this simple way of dealing with stuck emotions, some of the energy still ends up stuck within people.

They either react on it or keep it suppressed until it gets overwhelming and makes them overreact. It’s time more people become smart about their emotional management.