6 Brilliant Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Live Better


You can hear people speak about how smartphones make us slaves to technology, but they don’t realize that before smartphones people had their heads in newspapers.

It is not about the technology but about the way we use it or be used by it. Smartphones have the ability to make our lives so much better if we know how to use them.

You can find a lot of information about how technology can negatively affect your life but nobody speaks about the incredible ways it can improve it.

There is so much possibility with modern technology. We are interested on how you can improve your life using technology and especially your smartphone.

This article will give you 6 brilliant ways you can improve your life with the help of your smartphone. Start using technology as a tool, as it was meant to be used.

6 Brilliant Ways To Use Your Smartphone To Live Better:


1. Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Everybody has a fitness goal whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle or get lean and be healthier.

Your smartphone can help you achieve your fitness goals. You don’t need to get professional coaches or measurement tools. It’s all in your smartphone.

Most phones have the inbuilt applications or you can install the applications you like to help you in your fitness journey.

You can use it to help you measure the amount of calories you burn, the amount of time required to exercise or the miles covered.

It can monitor if you are getting enough sleep and eating healthy to improve the general health of your body.

2. Navigation

Just think for a moment. Do you realize the powerful tool your smartphone is? You can literally get the directions to anywhere with a push of few buttons.

Almost every smartphone has free navigation features to help you find directions and to trace your location.

You can use additional applications for more accurate location guides.  Applications such as flexispy helps you track GPS locations.

Not just for you, but you can also use it to track someone else. Read flexispy reviews to get more insights of this application.

You do not have to panic whenever you get lost in a big city. Your smartphone will help you to safely find your way.

3. Connect 

Your smartphone makes your life better and happier as you can connect with people you care about quickly and easily.

You can use social media to light up and enlighten your mood as well as connect with your friends and people you adore.

You can connect with your clients through emails, exchange videos and photographs with family and friends through WhatsApp among other platforms.

However, using your smartphone can be addictive. Just set a few minutes a day to use your phone and the social media.

Ensure you are using your phone and social media for the right reasons. You can speak to your closest friends anywhere, at anytime.

4. Help Manage Your Finances

You don’t need a professional accountant to manage your finances. You can use your smartphone to help you manage your finances.

There are free applications on your smartphones that can help you manage your income and budget for spending effectively.

These applications can help you make moneywise decisions. It’s much easier when you have your calculations to see them.

To help you control or save your money, you can have the applications give you a review of your weekly, monthly and yearly financial statements.

Just having a device in your pocket that has applications, calculator and internet is a big help when it comes to manage your finances.

5. Learning

You can use your smartphone to help you learn what you want. For example, learning foreign languages.

There are so many language learning applications you can install on your smartphone to help you learn a new language.

If you travel to a different country, you can use these applications to translate language to enable you communicate. 

You can also learn different skills through applications that give out free courses. You can watch videos and how to guides.

You can read books through applications that enable you to get almost any book that you can find out there.

6. Reminders

You can use your smartphone as a reminder for important meetings and events that you might forget.

You can remind yourself of important decisions you need to make or tasks you need to accomplish when it comes to your business.

You can use it to remind the elderly or people under medication to take their medicine, supplements and vitamins or to go for scheduled doctors meeting.

You can remind yourself of ideas you think throughout your day that you otherwise let fade away from your memory.

Such ideas can be all you need to act on to make your life much better. Who knows, maybe one of these ideas is your big chance.

Your smartphone can help improve your life in so many different ways. These are just but a few ways. You just need to instill in yourself discipline so as not to get addicted to your phone.