The 5 Types Of Partners You Will Have And Why Soulmates Are Overrated


“Real love is a pilgrimage. It happens when there is no strategy, but it is very rare because most people are strategists.” — Anita Brookner

When it comes to love nobody can write the rules. Because love is beyond definition, it’s not following a formula.

However, most people want to learn the mechanism behind how love works. They want to find who are they most compatible with.

They create a scheme to follow. They look for a certain partner. They build a routine and they filter out everybody who does not fit.

They so desperately try to take control of love that they forget the one truth of love. Love is mystery. It’s not controlled by anything. It just exists.

Love exists within the unknown. Within the magic of the uncertainty surrounding us. That’s something you experience with your first love. Here are the 5 types of partners you’ll have.

The 5 Types Of Partners You Will Have:


1. The First Love

This person will be one of the most important people in your life. They will be the ones who introduce you to love, to the ecstasy and pain it can evoke. We usually meet these people in our childhood or teen years. They will set you off on this journey.

2. The False Love

As you experiment what love is you will stumble upon someone that you will be certain you love. They will look like your ideal mate, they will talk, think, work, be perfect in every way you would think your ideal partner is. But they will not feel as love.

3. The Soulmate

Throughout your life you will meet many people and each of them will have a purpose. Some people will turn to be your soulmates. And it will seem as you know each other for eons. Your spirits will connect. They will be your best friend. But something will be missing.

4. The Twin Flame

And that’s when twin flames come in. They are the soulmates you were meant to be in a relationship with. Your destined partner. Most people think twin flames are where they find ultimate love. And it might be true. But there will still be some magic missing.

5. The Real Love

And real love is not necessarily with a soulmate. It might not even be destined. You might not even connect that much spiritually with this person. But they will have something not even your soulmate had, a magic. That’s where real love is.

Why soulmates are overrated?

Most people seek to find their soulmate. They want to find this person that destiny prescribed for them, the one they are supposed to fall in love with.

Soulmates are probably real, do not get me wrong. But I believe there is a greater love than one you are destined to have.

Because destiny will create the circumstances to get together with this person. they will connect with you on most levels. But, then, what was your role in all that? To be pawn?

Soulmates can help our souls grow. But when it comes to love, to real love, there is no pattern, scheme or a formula. That’s why it’s real. Because it doesn’t have to happen.

But it does. And not because it’s supposed to happen, but because some deeper part of you entangles with this imperfect person. And such love, I think, it’s the purest one.

This kind of love is not helped by destiny, it’s not written. It’s love that you create. Love that can happen anywhere. It’s a surprise. It has the magic your first love had.

It’s something you give to The Universe and a story you write. It’s human. It’s pure. It’s honest. It’s not perfect. And that’s why it’s greater than all other types.