The 7 Ways Pets Can Help Students To Relieve Stress


“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” — Andy Rooney

Did you know that students are among the top category of people who experience high levels of recurring stress? Yeah, being a student is not easy.

Due to the high academic and financial demands, it is rare to get time for socializing and sharing some life disturbing issues.

The numerous tests can also become a factor that leads to stress in schools. The more you overwork yourself, the more you become chronically tired.

Fatigue is not just a symptom but is also a causative agent of stress. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of friends that can help you out. You just need a pet to help relieve stress.

There are various ways in which pets can reduce stress while keeping you company. In this post, we will look at the 7 main ways pets can help students relieve stress.

7 Ways Pets Can Help Students To Relieve Stress:


1. Pets can reduce blood pressure.

Scientific research indicates that having pets around you helps you fight against blood pressure.

By simply looking at your pet, you can achieve a relaxed mood and an improved emotional state.

In turn, the body produces the necessary hormones that curb your stress. This is also evident even when you watch fish swimming in an aquarium.

2. The presence of pets reduces stress while preforming stressful tasks.

According to a research, where various subjects were assigned tasks, those who solved them in front of pets were more relaxed than those solving tasks in front of their spouses.

This clearly shows that when tackling some tough assignments, you may need to do so while sitting with your pets.

Having a pet around you while you do stressful homework or studying can be of help. It can help you relax and reduce your stress level.

3. Pets make you exercise more.

Pet owners, on average, exercise more frequently compared to those who do not have pets, especially those who have dogs as dogs need to be walked daily.

Pets need proper care and you might think you don’t have time for everything, especially if you need to walk your dogs and you have a paper to write for tomorrow.

But you don’t have to worry too much if your essay is due tomorrow, do as I do, ask for help, I can pay someone to write my paper for me and get a better grade.

4. Pets reduce the feeling of loneliness.

We know that pets do not discriminate. Whatever outfit you are wearing, and regardless of whether you are broke or not, your pet simply wants to be around you and play.

That is all that matters. Being around your pets makes you feel in a company and reduce loneliness, one of the causes of stress and depression.

When you spend quality time with your pet, you get used to creating good relations. You will not mind what they will think or say, as long as you do your things right.

5. Pets fulfill our daily need of touch.

According to Psychology Today, touching helps relieve stress. It also has other Psychological benefits like decreasing violence and building trust.

Physical touch also improves your immune system. People who rear pets reap the benefits of patting their animals whenever they need.

The benefits are even greater for people who live alone or have few close friends, like students in the colleges.

6. Pets can improve your sense of purpose.

When you own a pet, you know that you are a responsible person who has something, someone to look after.

Pets remind you that you are never alone in your life. They look at you as their master, as a greater being, and this gives you a sense of responsibility to act for the greater good.

Having this in your mind will improve your mental health and prevent or at least decrease your stress and depression.

7. Pets make you laugh more often.

Psychologists say that laughter is one of the greatest ways to reduce stress. It also reduces tension and anxiety.

Your pet can help you achieve this on a daily basis. Watching and playing with your pets will help you to laugh frequently.

The more you spend time with your pets, the better for your health. Human connection is important but there is a different pleasure in spending time with your pets.


As you have read from the article, there are various reasons why pets are of importance to students in various colleges and campuses.

The pet you choose to rear is your closest friend you have around, and you should treat them with care and love.

You must have noticed that pets do not only help you reduce stress but they somehow teach you to be a better human.

They are responsible for improving your social life as well as improving your general health in various ways.

Do not forget the fact that pets can also help you to improve your studies and achieve better grades.

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