The One Mental Shift You Need To Start Improving The Quality Of Your Life


“Reality is based on perception.” — Geoff Thompson

We see humanity as the most evolved species on our planet. But if you ask someone why are we the most evolved they will have no definite answer.

The truth is, we are the most evolved species because we are aware of our thinking. We can step back from what we feel, observe our thoughts and proactively use our mind.

However, most people don’t use this potential of humanity. Most people are mainly controlled by their emotions. What they feel shapes their actions and decisions.

Not just that they are controlled by their emotions, but all their mental energy is focused on things they cannot really control or influence.

Because of this, most people live reactive lives. They are not proactively creating their way of living. Here is how you can change your perspective.

The One Mental Shift You Need To Improve The Quality Of Your Life:


The one mental shift you need to make in order to start proactively creating a better life experience is to realize what’s your circle of influence.

You have a circle of concern, everything you worry about, circumstances around you and in your country, other people and their behavior.

You have a circle of influence, everything you have a control over, your decisions, your mood, your options, words, actions.

The shift you make is really simple. Instead of spending time and energy on your circle of concern, as most people do, spend time and energy on your circle of influence.

As you start doing this, have in mind that there are 3 rules you should be aware of when it comes to your circle of influence.

1. You need to work on your self awareness.

You can read this article and agree with it completely, but unless you develop self awareness to be aware of where your mental energy is being invested, nothing will change. Create a reminder every 3 hours that will remind you to shift towards your thoughts.

2. Positivity expands and negativity contracts your circle of influence.

When you take actions within your circle of influence in a positive manner, actions coming from a place of love, abundance and reason, your circle of influence expands. When you take negative actions from a place of fear, scarcity and reactivity it shrinks.

3. The consequences of your circle of concern still apply.

Operating within your circle of influence will give you more control over your life than you ever thought possible. But be mindful of the consequences of the circle of concern. Choose your actions based on the consequences you want.