3 Big Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love


Love is not the only thing keeping a relationship together!

Every person wants to be loved. It’s such a nice feeling to know that somebody loves you when you wake up in the morning.

When you get into a relationship with the person that you love it’s like dreaming a beautiful dream. Even time seems to pass strangely.

You two become intimate, share your opinions, travel and have fun together. It’s like it is you, and there is no one else.

No crazy person would leave such a relationship, right? Well love is not the only thing keeping a relationship together. Evolutionary instincts can play a big role.

In this article we will speak about the 3 big reasons why men usually break up relationships and leave the women they still love.

3 Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love:


1. He feels like the relationship is too competitive.

Both men and women have masculine and feminine energies. However, in most men, the masculine energy is way higher than the feminine.

Masculine energy is extremely competitive. It’s like an instinct most men feel, to compete. That’s why majority of men enjoy partaking in competitive games.

However, the masculine energy is attracted to its feminine counterpart. It’s not attracted to competition, but to the nurturing and loving beauty of femininity.

When there is too much competition within a relationship the masculine energy has nothing to be attracted to.

The men will either suppress his masculinity so his femininity will be attracted to the women’s masculinity, or he’ll leave the relationship so both parties can regain balance.

2. He feels like his love is not enough.

Almost every men in a loving relationship wants his partner to feel loved. He would do anything for them to feel the depth of his love.

Depending on the difference of character, every men will express this love differently, but they will love, in their own way.

When a man feel that his love and the way he expresses his love are inadequate or not enough, they feel powerless.

This is one of the biggest and most common reasons why men leave the women they love. When a man feels like his love is not enough for the woman they love, he is defeated.

Men want to be the provider. They want to do romantic things, to keep the door open. Not because it makes them feel domineering but because it’s how they show love.

3. He is being disrespected.

Nobody wants to be disrespected. Neither men nor women. There is no point in being in any kind of relationship with someone who disrespects you.

It’s men’s natural instinct to protect their respect because that’s how they prove they are the alpha males, it’s the evolutionary filter of worthiness.

If a woman disrespects a man he will not tolerate that, he will walk away showing her that he has boundaries. That’s how he is proving his alpha worth to the woman’s test.

And women need to test men. Even though it’s subconsciously, they need to know if the possible father of their children will be someone they can rely on or not.

When a high value man is being disrespected within a relationship, they will either talk with their partner or leave.