3 Simple Ways How to Not Let Your Looks Define You


Majority of us are guilty of “judging a book by its cover”. Despite knowing that it’s actually the core and soul of a human that counts, many of us would judge how good or bad someone is based on how they look or dress up.

Not everyone looks the same. Some are gifted with strong features while some lack perfectly angular cuts. An emphasis on perfection can make people feel inferior and may even push them to the dark side, i.e: depression.

Believe it or not, a lot of people feel sad and depressed over their appearance. The huge size of the beauty industry is proof that people are willing to spend thousands to look good because they think it’s important to do so.

Do not get us wrong. There is nothing wrong in looking good or staying well groomed. But, you shouldn’t let your looks define who you are. It doesn’t matter what size you are, what your color is, if you have a beautiful soul then you are beautiful.

Expert Psychologists call it Appearance Contingent Self Worth. It’s a feeling that makes a person too conscious about how they look. It has actually become an integral part of our society which is sad because we judge people by how they look rather than how they act.

If you’re reading this post, you need to stop hating yourself, step out in the play and show the world who you are. Do not let your looks define you, whether people compliment or critique them. While it’s easier said than done, it’s not impossible.

3 Ways How to Not Let Your Looks Define You:


1. Jump out of the media defined bandwagon.

We tend to take a lot of inspiration from the fictional world of TV and films. There’s nothing wrong in being inspired but you should not try to look like the model on the magazine cover to feel valued and worthy.

In fact, even the model on that cover doesn’t look like that as most photos are airbrushed and heavily edited. Plus, there’s makeup working magic. And taking all that time to prepare while having all those eyes on them, that’s stressful.

Take inspiration and try to redefine your look but without trying to ape someone else’s style. Give birth to your own. See what makes YOU happy. What do YOU want to wear? Create your own unique style not to gain approval but to express your true self.

2. Wear comfortable clothing.

It’s important to be in your element at all times and to feel comfortable. Do not wear something just because it is cool. Not all outfits are made for you. In fact, some may not suit you at all. And when that happens, understand that it is not your flaw.

One dress doesn’t fit all. Everyone has their own highlights and your job is to find yours. Once you find what makes you feel comfortable, what makes your gifts shine through, create a style around it.

You should work on finding your own style and dressing up in a comfortable manner. That’s the most important thing. To dress to make yourself happy, not to fit an image you want others to have of you.

3. Don’t hesitate to be stylish and dress like you want.

Look stylish and cool but without needing someone else’s approval. Your friends do not have to think you look good for as long as you believe you look good. Remember, it’s about making yourself happy. You are already enough, despite your style.

Do what you think suits you without needing a nod from someone else. Try something different. You do not have to spend thousands on laser surgery or buy colored contact lenses just because others think specs look boring.

Take a look at Johnny Depp, how he makes spends look classic. You can do it too. Just go to an online store, like Firmoo, and pick a pair of glasses that look good on you. The brand has a huge collection of eyewear, just browse around and pick something that fits you well.

It is important to be comfortable in your own skin and not let others affect your self worth. Pay attention to the positive comments, take criticism seriously, but do what makes you happy. You are enough to be yourself.