Here Is The One Healthy Thing That We Learned This January 2019 You Should Know


If you go on the internet to look for what’s the healthiest way to eat, you will read so much contradictory information that you’ll decide to not eat anything.

Countless experts and activists preach their own views. Eating meat, eating only fish, being a vegetarian, going vegan, or raw vegan, maybe paleo…

Every single diet, every single way of eating has been debunked in some way. Every single eating style has flaws.

So we started researching and really diving into almost every existing diet. We watched videos and asked people who practice those certain diets.

We found something that might confuse you. There is no perfect diet. There is not a way of eating without some flaws. However, this does not mean diets are unhealthy.

The One Healthy Thing For This Month: There is no perfect diet.


Each type of diet has its own benefits. For example, reducing the consumption of meat is healthy on one level.

However, if you do not give your body the nutrients you are taking away from it that the meat would have given it, then this type of diet is not that healthy for you.

Eating a plant based diet is globally considered healthy. But plants have self defensive chemicals called Lectins and these things can cause Leaky Gut.

However, avoiding the consumptions of Lectins makes your body weak in the context of not being able to handle positive stressors, such as these lectins.

The same goes with free radicals. It’s globally known that free radicals are bad and that antioxidants are good.

But taking too many antioxidants is preventing your organism from having its regular training dealing with free radicals.

Processed food is a bad choice, but if you consume one bag of potato chips once per month as a cheat meal, than it’s not that of a big deal.

If you are tired and hungry, and there is no other food around you rather than microwavable noodles, it’s better to eat something than to starve.

So you see, there is no perfect diet. There are always flaws and exceptions. There is not one globally perfect diet. However, there is a perfect diet for you. Yes, you.

We are all different and this means that we can all use the knowledge that doctors and nutritionists share to customize our own personal diet that benefits us the most.

There are flaws and pros in any diet, so choose the one that has the pros you are looking for and the flaws you can tolerate.

The key to a healthy diet is in the balance. See the knowledge, see what’s healthier, but before everything else, listen to your body.

Each diet is a way of eating and it’s not something you should follow blindly. Eating is primary meant to feed your body, not your taste.