January 2019 Rant From The Heart: Freedom is now!


How many motivational videos have you watched? How many inspiring quotes have you read? What has changed?

Not much, right? You are still at the same place, dealing with the same BS just in different format, holding yourself on the edge, postponing the moment you’ll jump.

Like a kid being afraid to jump on the big and scary slider, waiting for that right video that will motivate you, waiting for that right quote, for that right information.

How much more knowledge do you need to take action? The truth is you don’t need any thing else. Forget about woulds, shoulds, coulds and start living!


Everything you need to do is NOW!

Every idea you have, now is the right time to take action. Every type of person you want to be like, now is when you need to be like them.

Every imperfect chance that appears in your life, every exciting but scary opportunity, then, when it appears it’s the right moment to take it.

There will be no better moment than the one you are given. There will be no better chance than the imperfect one. There will be no better time to take it.

Stop editing your life and experience it!

You think YOU know when the right time is?! No you don’t! You had chances and opportunities, you did not take them, and now you regret not taking them, right?

What makes you think that now you know better? What makes you think that not taking action right now is not going to be something you regret?

You missed so much chances. You missed so many beautiful things that you could have had if you just took action.

But it was not the right time for you then, was it? You were busy, or you thought there will be another similar chance! You might have even been scared!

Was there another chance? Was there another opportunity for talking to that person, for realizing that business idea? Was your fear worth it in the end?

Enough is enough!

Stop living in the past and letting all your regrets make you depressed, stop letting the uncertainty stress you and prevent you from taking action.

You are free to live on your own terms!

You are free to be the person you want to be, you are free to speak to people, meet strangers, do the crazy hobby that might make people think you are weird.

You are free to tell the person you like that you like them! You are free to start writing that book! You are free have fun, to party, to let people see who you really are!

Now is the time to use the knowledge you’ve been gathering! Now is the time to try it out!

You are free NOW!

But you are free only in the now. If for a moment you start trying to edit and control things, you are back in that mental prison until you come back to the now.

Postponing your activities, postponing the action you need to take, waiting for the right time, is all an illusion.

It’s all just a mental trap that prevents you from transforming into who you want to be.

Transformation happens now. The right time for action is now. It’s game time buddy. It’s not tomorrow, not in an hour, not the next minute, NOW!

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