The One Mental Tool You Should Learn This January To Become A Super Version Of Yourself


Just like you need physical tool so you can build a house, you need mental tools so you can build a reality you want to live in.

The beauty of mental tools is that you can create them yourself with ideas and thoughts. However, you need some blueprints first.

The mental tool we invite you to learn for this month is Questioning Your Fears. This will help you remove the unnecessary grip fear has on you.

We are all afraid of something, and sometimes we don’t even have the exact knowing of what we really fear.

This vagueness makes our fears more scary than they actually are. We’ll teach you how to make your fears less scary than you make them seem.

The One Mental Tool For This Month:


Question Your Fears

How to Question Your Freas? What does it mean and how can it help you? How can you make it a habit?

“Questioning Your Fears” is a mental tool that helps you see your fears for what they really are. This reduces the scariness of your fears.

The first thing you should do is describe what you are afraid of. Let’s say you want to do Public Speaking and you are afraid of doing it.

Describe what exactly is making you afraid. Is it standing in front of all those people? Is it messing something up? Is it the possibility of being ridiculed?

Be exact of what you are afraid. What’s scary about it? Describe it precisely. When you know what you are exactly afraid of, question it.

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you do public speaking and mess something up? Will you be hurt? Will you be jailed?

Describe the worst case scenario of your fear. The point of this is to clarify the vagueness that surrounds your fear.

Once you do this you’ll see that even the worst case scenario doesn’t sound as scary as you made your fear seem.

In reality, if you mess up, most people won’t even notice it. And the ones that do will forget about it. No matter how bad you mess up, people will forget about it.

And the only one who will know that you messed up your speech will be you. So if you just keep talking, if you are sincere, nobody will know.

Another thing you should question is, if the worst case scenario happens how can you recover.

In the example of messing up your public speech, you can do couple of things. You can keep talking, apologize sincerely, joke about it, and countless more.

So when you ask these three questions to your fear, the level of scariness that had a hold on you will drastically decrease.

Question your fear, ‘What exactly am I afraid of?’, ‘What’s the worst case scenario of this fear?’, and ‘How can I recover from it?’, and you will see behind its scary mask.

To make this a habit, simply remind yourself of these three questions whenever you see yourself being afraid to do what you want to do.