The 5 Major Things You Must Realize Before You Can Transform Into Better Versions Of Yourself


“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.” — Heather Ash Amara

When you hear people talking about becoming better versions of themselves you probably imagine a Disney transformation.

In real life transformation happens differently. If you want to know how differently ask the butterfly that transforms from a caterpillar.

The truth is, transformation is not a smooth path. It means facing everything within you that you run away from, staying within that inner goo until you are done.

And by done, I mean until you are ready to break out of your cocoon and face the real world.

Here are the 5 major things you must realize before you can really transform into a better and truer version of yourself.

The 5 Major Things You Must Realize Before You Can Transform:


1. You must let go of the pain from your past.

Imagine if your past was suddenly reshaped. Everything that hurt you, gave you pain, made you suffer, poof, everything was changed.

Your experience of your past was just an illusion you fooled yourself with. People you lost showed up on your door, opportunities still waited for you.

Everyone who didn’t return your love explained how they were sending you messages but you didn’t respond. All bad words that hurt you were actually misheard by you.

If you imagine this perfect reality, you will notice that there is still something that doesn’t permit you to feel completely happy. This is the pain from your past you hold on to.

Before you can transform into a better version, you must let go of this pain because it will keep holding you down, even in the most perfect reality you can imagine.

2. There is no alternative.

Another crucial thing you must realize is that there is no alternative. If you want to be someone else and to make your dreams come true you must embrace discomfort.

You can’t transform without experiencing some amount of discomfort. There is not another way. There really isn’t. There is no shortcut, there’s no way around it.

If you want to find an amazing partner, approach people. If you want to be fitter, exercise. If you want success, work for it. If you want to live somewhere else, move.

You can wish, and imagine all you want. But at the end of the day it all comes down to what YOU will do, what action YOU will take. And it will be uncomfortable, but so what.

We want to change but we don’t want to leave our comfort zone. Well sorry, it can’t be done like that. The sooner you embrace this fact and take action, the better.

3. Stop trying to be yourself.

As we grow up we are given countless different molds that we should fit in. Everybody close has a label for you. You are the smart one, the geek, the fool, the creative.

You are labeled by everyone and you identify with these labels. From another side you are presented with characters that you would idolize and try to be like.

Movie characters, celebrities and cool people, you aspire to be like them. And you create a weird mold for you. You try to be you, but you are not really being you.

You identify with movie characters, you reject parts of you others didn’t like, you customize a version of yourself that society would appreciate, a mold that’s not you.

Transforming into a better you, means becoming a truer you. To more real you must let go of all the movie characters and embrace all parts you reject. Stop trying, BE!

4. Transformation is now.

And as you read this you think, ‘Yeah, this is so right, I will take action, I will be more real, I will, I will…’ and you postpone the transformation that happens in the now.

You don’t will, you do it now! Real change, real transformation is not happening tomorrow, not later, NOW!

Real freedom is now, it’s in your choices this moment. Knowing what to do will not serve you anything if you don’t do something right now.

If you want to change your life, you don’t plan, you do it in this right exact moment. You stop reading and you call the person you want to call to tell them what you wanted.

When a person you want to approach is there on the street, you don’t wait for another chance, there is your chance. Really. It’s game time.

5. Learn to surf.

One of the most important things you should learn in life is to surf. Yeah, you can literally learn surfing, but that’s not what I am talking about here.

Here is something you should have in mind. Most people think there are two ways to live your life.

Either you paddle against the current to go where you want to go, or you go with the flow and let life lead you without paddling against the current.

But there are not just two ways. You can paddle sometimes, sometimes you can go with the flow, sometimes you can chill at the shore, or create new streams.

The most powerful way is to learn how to use the force of the stream in your favor, not as something you fight. This means you go with the current but you surf it to your favor.

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