10 Signs Your Partner Is Toxic And Wants To Take Away Your Happiness


You hear that you should avoid toxic people. But what if you have fallen in love with such person? What if your partner is toxic and you don’t even know it?

They say love can be blind, and most often our partners end up hurting us the most because of this. We fail to see the reality behind the people we love, we project upon them.

Toxic partners will poison drip you every day, in subtle ways, so you don’t rise above them in positivity, so you don’t see their weakness, so you don’t abandon them.

If your partner is toxic than, even though you might love them, you should speak with them and choose what’s best for you. Before everything else you should be aware.

How to be aware whether or not your partner is toxic? There are couple of signs your partner will show if they are toxic people who want to prevent you from being happy.

10 Signs Your Partner Is Toxic:


1. They just don’t care about your happiness.

If your partner simply doesn’t care how you feel, if they would not go out of their own way even just slightly to make you happier, if their actions directly impact and decrease the level of your happiness and they care not to change, they are toxic to you.

2. They have double principles and standards.

If they create a big drama when you ask them to spend more time with you than with their friends, and in the opposite role, they don’t want you to spend more time with your friends than you spend with them, this is a sign of a highly toxic behavior.

3. They always blame you for their mistakes.

Yeah, everything in a relationship is mutual. But this does not mean that a relationship is a dump for your failures where you can put those responsibilities on someone else’s back. When someone makes a mistake, they should learn better.

4. They disrespect your boundaries.

Toxic people don’t respect other people’s boundaries and limits. They would kill if someone disrespects their personal boundaries, but when it comes to others they feel entitled to step over their boundaries.

5. They don’t like your loved ones.

People who truly care about you will normally see your true self. Toxic people hate this, so they are going to try hard in order to keep you far from your loved ones. They want you to be the version they want you to be.

6. They make you feel sad.

Not just that they don’t care to do anything about your happiness, but whenever you feel happy toxic partners will try to stop this. They will try to poison drip you into feeling sad, they will try to shame or guilt you for feeling happy.

7. They lie to you a lot.

You have caught them lying to you couple of times. They either make this a big drama where you turn out to be the bad guy, or they make it less than it is. They don’t apologize and explain their actions though.

8. They always try to control you.

Because toxic people are usually control freaks they will try to control their partners. The sense of not having control over their partner is something they are irritated by. They want you as their puppet and not as a individual.

9. They don’t give you a space for yourself.

When a person has a personal space to sit with themselves, think in quiet and self reflect, they are bound to face their inner issues and become more positive. Toxic people can’t do this, so they don’t want you to do it either, they fear being abandoned in their misery.

10. They don’t care about your necessities.

We all have necessities. We all feel like talking to someone, crying, wanting alone time, wanting to go out, wanting to change careers, at certain times. These necessities are something your partner should give attention to. Toxic partners don’t care about them.