9 Enlightening Lessons We Can Learn From Cosmonauts Who’ve Been In Space


Since the dawn of humanity people have looked upon the starry vastness of The Cosmos to seek wisdom and awe.

There was something deep within us that always pushed us to jump out of the Earth’s atmosphere, even if just for a moment, to see this vastness from up close.

With humanity’s advancements and technological inventions we have achieved space travel, and humans have looked upon the vastness.

However, it was when these cosmonauts looked down at our planet that they were actually left in awe and understanding of a deeper wisdom.

Each cosmonaut that visited space and looked upon our beautiful planet came back a different person. Here are 9 lessons each cosmonaut shares.

9 Enlightening Lessons Cosmonauts Share:


1. There are no borders in reality.

When cosmonauts look upon planet Earth they see one whole. There are no actual borders, countries, politics and conflicts. It’s just one beautiful living planet, moving and breathing with its seasons. Borders are illusions of humans. Oneness is Nature’s truth.

2. We are really small.

The Cosmos is unimaginably big. Even trying to think about how big it is can give you a kind of relief from all your problems. Looking at our planet and realizing how small it is compared to The Cosmos makes all your daily stresses ridiculously small.

3. Darkness is not bad.

We were made to believe that there is an eternal battle between Light and Darkness, that Light is good and Darkness is bad. But in reality there is no battle, it’s a dance, and darkness is a peaceful dancer. Their dance creates The Cosmos and all beauty in it.

4. There are no sides.

We are used to using directions to better navigate this planet. But when you are out there, in space there are no directions. There is no up, down, left, right, forward or backward in reality. Everything is subjective to the observer’s point of view.

5. We are all on the same ship.

We fight each other, we hurt each other, we wage wars against each other, but when you look at planet Earth from space, and when you look at all the emptiness that surrounds us, we are all that we have in this vastness. There is no point in not loving each other.

6. The Cosmos is much bigger than we can grasp.

You can think all you want, but you will not be able to grasp even slightly how big is The Galaxy we are all part of. Our minds cannot comprehend it. Seeing it on images distorts the actual distance that exists in reality. There are over 200 billion galaxies we know of.

7. Miracles are all around you.

Have you seen the planet move slowly? Have you seen what weather looks like from above? Have you stared at the empty vastness of space? These things are miraculous. We live in these miracles. Sunsets, auroras, ocean waves, miracles are all around us.

8. Perception of time is relative.

When you are up in the International Space Station time moves 0,007 seconds slower than it does for people on the planet. Time passes differently and it’s relative to the individual perceiving it. The now is what you really have.

9. We are part of a Greater Intelligence.

When you look at The Cosmos and when you see its grandiosity, when you realize that through all that vastness there are systems at work, laws and rules that exist, you become more than sure that we are part of a Greater Intelligence. There is something bigger.

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