The 4 Things You Need To Include In Your Daily Schedule To Be Healthy, Happy And Full With Energy


If you go through the internet and try to research what is healthy, you will enter a hole so big, it’s overwhelming. Many get confused about what’s correct and what’s not tested at all.

There are countless advices and information about health. Some information is even contradictory, especially information about diets and eating habits.

However, there are couple of advices that are worthy to give credit to. There are couple of essential things that apply to any healthy advice.

Here we are going to simplify all of this disorganized information and tell you key rules of how you should structure your day to be healthy, happy and filled with energy.

There are 4 main, let’s call them essentials, that should be part of your daily structure if you want to achieve health, vitality and happiness.

The 4 Things You Need To Include In Your Daily Schedule:


1. Move your energy.

Energy needs to move. When energy becomes sedentary it gets stagnant and blockages are created. To move your energy you should move your body. Exercise, run, walk, dance, jump for a couple of minutes, but make sure that you move your body daily.

2. Nourish your body.

Your body is nourished when you give it what it needs. Healthy and nutritious food, clean water, good sleep and pure air. Make sure that you include all of these in your day. Eat healthy, drink a lot of water, have quality sleep and breathe fully.

3. Refresh your mind.

As we go through our day it’s normal for our minds to get cluttered with all kinds of thoughts and unnecessary information. This will create a chatter in your mind that will fog your thinking. Make sure to meditate daily for at least 5 minutes to refresh your self.

4. Connect your self.

Just as we need food and water, we need connection with other people and, before everything else, with ourselves. So make sure you connect with loved ones daily. Make sure you check with yourself daily, what you feel, what you sense, what really matters.

Health, Vitality and Happiness are products of a lifestyle that includes these 4 essentials. Knowing this simple rule, you can create a customized lifestyle that’s in alignment with these 3 treasures, Health, Vitality and Happiness.