The One Thing All Successful Relationships Must Have


We all crave for that special someone, for that destined person to come into our lives and show us what real love truly means.

However, not many of us talk about the other part of the equation, ourselves. We don’t really care to become the special one for someone else.

The funny thing is that the moment you start caring about the other side of the equation, the side that you can actually do something about it, the right people start showing.

And you might even find your special one, your so called destined partner. But no matter how much you both fit with each other, your relationship demands healthy maintenance.

Relationships are tricky. Different people unfold different relationships. However, every single healthy and successful relationship must have one thing.

One Thing All Successful Relationships Have:


Mutual Attention. What does mutual attention really mean? It means that both of you give each other the right amount of attention you need.

This means that being busy is outside of your vocabulary. Even if you are busy you will find a way to give your partner attention when necessary.

Just by being there for each other you are doing the most important thing anyone can do within the context of building and maintaining a successful relationship.

Giving attention to your partner is something most people underestimate. But it’s the key to any successful relationship. It might sound simple but most people fail at it.

Your partner wants to talk to you and you say you are tired. You are upset with your partner and they are busy with work.

These tiny problems can fester so quick if they are neglected, and not giving each other mutual attention is doing just that. It suppresses these problems and they fester.

Most fight in a relationship start because at least one of the people in the relationship feels emotionally neglected, they feel lack of attention.

So they will create drama just so they make sure you care enough about them, because you are so unaware that creating drama is the only way they can get your attention.

If both of you create a time of the day to just sit with each other and have a real talk, to be honest with each other and listen, you are building a healthy relationship.