5 Things You Should Think About More Often To Feel Blessed And Happy


There is one interesting dichotomy, or maybe we can even call it the paradox of modern society.

It’s the strange phenomenon that we live in possibly the best period in all human history, but people report the biggest level of depression.

We report the biggest amount of anxiety and panic attacks than ever, we report feeling the most unsafe than ever, yet we are the safest than ever.

All of this is due to our misuse of our own mind. We fall under the countless mental fallacies and biases and let them portray a distorted version of reality.

That’s why it’s of crucial importance to remind yourself of some facts and truths that will help you use your mind to be happier.

5 Things You Should Think To Feel Happy:


1. The fact that the world exists.

As we go with our everyday stream, we tend to forget the most basic fact of all, that the world we live on actually exists.

We forget all the little, tiny things that needed to be in order so this world would exist, all the coincidences and events that needed to happen so humanity will exist.

We forget about the beauty that was created with this Nature that we come from, we forget about the countless sceneries and phenomenons that can leave us in awe.

We forget that despite everything we do selfishly and out of greed, Nature still keeps giving us and giving us resources unconditionally.

Having a moment to ponder about this will certainly make you happier. It will get you out of the small things that stress you and make you see the bigger picture.

2. Every thing that is working in your favor.

It’s common for people to get stressed and obsessed about the tiniest things. We tend to stress about someone frowning to us, the traffic, the work we need to do.

We worry about every single detail that is not going in our expected favor. However, we forget about all the other things that work solely for our favor.

We forger about the people who protect us with their lives, we forget about people who spend their lives inventing things so our lives can be more comfortable.

Think about your parents and all they did for you, raising you, feeding you, think about people around you who cared and loved you.

When you take your perspective out of the tiny amount of things supposedly going against you, you will see a whole world of things that work in your favor.

3. Having the basic needs fulfilled.

Can you imagine living 100 ago from today? How about 1000 years ago? Can you imagine the life back then?

We tend to numb ourselves to all big things, inventions, technologies and advancements in our society because we are surrounded by them everyday. They become the norm.

But just because they are the norm it doesn’t mean to not be thankful that you have roof over your head, hot water, food around every corner, internet, electricity, security.

Do you know how hard it was to get your own food, even find a shelter and safety back in the past? People would literally risk their lives for the things you have by default.

Thinking about how much society gives you, how much technology has advanced and how easier the life is now compared to 1000 years ago, you cannot help but feel thankful.

4. The abundance of things.

Most people have desires and that’s ok. But let’s say they want to get something and they attach themselves to this thing so much, that they miss on all the other options.

This makes most people miserable in a world that’s overflowing with abundance of almost everything.

There are countless songs, art, books, movies, shows, activities, knowledge, games, wondrous places, incredible opportunities, sports, foods and passions you can try anytime.

You have a device that can give you access to almost any knowledge and piece of information that was recorded in all history in seconds, with just a push of few buttons.

Thinking about all the things you can do, try and experience, all the things that are given to you for free, your little desires will fade. You can have so much more than them.

5. People secretly loving each other.

Watching the media and the news you might get an idea that the world is out to get you and that people inherently have bad intentions towards you.

But the reality of the world is much different. Yes, there is danger, there are some people with bad intentions, but these things are nothing compared to the goodness there is.

People inherently and secretly love each other. You can see it in children, in the sincerity of their interaction.

You can notice it in yourself, the feelings you try to hide when you feel compassion for someone else. Even in the little things, like the fact we greet with a wish of good morning.

Thinking about all the ways people might secretly love each other will shift your perception to actually see this as a true fact in reality.