3 Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before This Year Ends


When a New Year comes most people are obsessed with resolutions. However, probably more important is to become aware of what the current year taught you.

Having resolutions is fine and it can be a great trick for many people to instill the habits they want in their life.

But every year can teach you somethings and you need to be aware of these lessons. If nothing else, just being proud of your accomplishments is enough to get your reward.

While most people try to decide what kind of habits they want to implement in their life not so many think about what they want to let go off to be a better self.

There are 3 really important questions you should ask yourself before the end of this year to enter the new year as a better self.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before This Year Ends:


1. What I learned?

Every year has something to teach you. Ask yourself what was the biggest thing you learned this year? Write down the answer and make sure that you remember this lesson or these lessons.

2. What I am proud of?

Looking back at your accomplishments is one of the most satisfying things that most people forget to do. What did you accomplish this year that you are most proud of? Answer this question and analyze your accomplishments.

3. What I need to let go of?

You don’t have to drag things that no longer serve you. What is no longer serving you and you want to let go off? Answer this question and when you know what it is, ask yourself if you can let that thing go. If you can, than do it.

Asking these questions will give you a chance to create even better resolutions!