3 Big Reasons Why Skeptics Should Give Astrology The Benefit Of The Doubt


Astrology is a term that is extremely misunderstood by the masses of society. Some people think of it as magical woo woo that reveals their destiny, while others see it as a tool for manipulating gullible people.

So we end up reading daily horoscope and go to so called astrology experts who describe our personality using The Barnum Effect, giving us general descriptions that we think are tailored just for us.

This is a big reason why there are so many skeptics when it comes to astrology. But this, some might call pseudoscience, is a subject people spent thousands of years studying and developing.

Discrediting astrology just because modern people abuse its name with some psychological tricks is irresponsible considering the amounts of time and energy others spent all throughout history in studying it.

This being said, astrology is much deeper than personality and signs, it’s much bigger than whether or not you’ll meet an old love during your day. Astrology is a study of cosmic forces, objects and their influence to our psyche.

Here are 3 big reasons why you should give astrology the benefit of the doubt, even if you are the biggest skeptic in the world. Nobody is saying it’s a definite science, but it deserves much more credit than we are used to give.

3 Big Reasons Why Astrology Deserves The Benefit Of The Doubt:


1. It’s a really old study.

Many people studied astrology all throughout history, even quite longer than we can actually imagine.

Its origin can actually be followed to thousands or more years before now, right at the period when human beings started having a conscious awakening the cosmic world.

There are some primal pieces of evidence which are in the form of ancient paintings in caves and astrological chars which still exist.

Astrology was also mentioned in a lot of religious readings, and that is another fundamental proof that religion and spirituality were into it too.

Moreover, astrology is believed to be the oldest way and form of navigating and observing the movement of the celestial objects. Astronomy and Astrology were treated together as one science.

2. Many famous people and scientists asked help from Astrology.

Most people would not believe it but some of the smartest and most brilliant individuals that ever lived on this planet have been renowned, as well as famous astrologers.

There is probably something special and unique to this science that lets individuals such as Galileo fall for it.

People like Hippocrates, Isaac Newton, and also Nostradamus together with his prophecies. Walt Disney also employed astrological timings for decisions related to business, such as movie dates, even theme parks and so on.

Ronal Reagen, who is a former president of The USA, also utilized astrological timings, as well as dates for launching campaigns and policies in the country.

Even some of the most famous scientists worldwide such as physicists, mathematicians, also countless celebrities, used and use the studies of astrology as an easy and effective way of landing on significant decisions on a professional level.

3. It aims to make you a better person.

When people explore their Zodiac sign, they are inevitably going to meet some characteristics which have an essential influence on their lives, and that will lead to a more intense state of introspection about themselves.

They are going to get to know themselves better in this way, not many practices can promise this. And solely this fact suggests that if people entertain the idea of astrology they will be interested in self introspection.

Learning about your astrological chart will give you ideas about who you are as a person, not because these assumptions are correct or incorrect, but because this act will steer your focus more toward your own self.

So, astrology is an excellent way of making dreams become a reality. People can quickly identify what really inspires them, or what throws them off the course.

Another thing about astrology is that it is interesting and fun. Some things such as lucky colors, numbers, or relationship compatibilities and so on, can have a positive placebo effect in someone’s confidence and happiness.