Things About Your Love Life You Should Keep A Secret


When we find someone we truly love we are often keen to brag about it to our friends. Finding a perfect partner that you are in love with is beautiful.

However, every relationship has ups and downs, and this is normal. There are couple of problems each relationship will stumble upon.

Even though you and your partner love each other there are some conflicts be that of your personalities or other circumstances that you will both need to overcome together.

But as these conflicts arise we tend to ignore facing them and solving them, and just whine about them to our friends. That’s good but it’s not very effective.

That’s why every relationship has a couple of things that should stay between the partners and be their responsibility to solve.

6 Things You Should Keep Between You And Your Partner:things-about-your-love-life-keep-secret

1. Your daily argues.

Each relationship has daily mini arguments about trivial things. These little debates actually strengthen your relationship, they are mental exercises between both of you. However, they should stay between you two because they might portray the wrong picture if told.

2. Your relationship goals.

You and your partner know your relationship the best. You know what it’s really like and where both of you are growing it. You know your plans and relationship goals. Others don’t need to know, they might not understand and undermine your relationship plans.

3. Your partner’s intimate issues.

It’s completely normal for either you or your partner to have some intimate issue that you have shared between each other. Relationships are spheres of security and intimacy and these issues should stay secret because they were shared with trust and strong confidence.

4. Your secrets.

No relationship can survive unless there is trust between the two partners. If your partner entrusts you with certain information, which is very important to them, and you divulge it to a third party, then this is an affront not just to your partner, but the relationship as well.

5. Your partner’s work.

Your work has problems and successes, sometimes there are obstacles and sometimes there are things that stress you out. Your partner’s work has these things also. However, if you know about these things your friends don’t need to. Speak about your own work.

6. Your love for each other.

You might be tempted to spill some beans to your friends when in an exceptionally happy mood, however, bragging with your love it’s not smart. You can say you love each other, but that’s enough for your friends. Keep the love you feel between each other.